Supernatural: I don’t Want One Of The Best TV Soap To Mark Its End

Supernatural: I don’t Want One Of The Best TV Soap To Mark Its End

About, some days, ago, I get to know and read in the different news portal that, one of my favorite TV series, Supernatural, can mark it ending, with its 15th season and the news actually, made me stunned…..

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Supernatural: I don’t Want One Of The Best TV Soap To Mark Its End

And I analyze, why? I mean how such a popular TV serial, can mark its ending?  I mean I hope that it will not end, as, I don’t need to mention that, the TV series, Supernatural, is such an amazing and entertaining show, it is no wonder, why catches the fans and the audiences, attention, and for me the soap opera, #Supernatural, is not just a show, for me it’s an emotion, and I watched the show, literally, while, having dinner….

Now, I wonder, if the show, #Supernatural, will end, then what I will watch, while, have dinner? It is something which also connects me with my family, as I often watch the show, with my family members, so I can’t take it practically, that #Supernatural will finished and I want another season to come practically…

#Supernatural is an American Paranormal, fantasy, daily soap, which was created by Eric Kripke. The show is part of the TV entertaining channel, The CW, and it is telecast there in the channel.

The TV soap is featured, Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, and the onscreen brothers’ duo are damn popular that it is really, difficult for the fans to live without seeing them.

Post it’s launching, the TV series, #Supernatural, is turn to be one of the most popular and one of the most longest-running American live-action fantasies TV series, and audiences literally, love the show, so it is obvious, I also liked the same.

One of the actor, from the above mentioned popular, horror and paranormal, TV serial, Supernatural, Misha Collins, is also shared his amazing experiences of being part of this show, and he also took his official page of the micro-blogging site, where he appreciated all the love from the fandom he has and he really praised this is.

He shared his emotion, via a letter, which he posted on his Twitter Account, which is also making me emotional….

On the other side, being an extreme aficionado of the Winchester Brothers, I don’t wish that the most loved show of mine and my friends, #Supernatural, will be continues!!!!

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