13 Ghouls & Ghostly Stories We Find Only In Bengali Culture

13 Ghouls & Ghostly Stories We Find Only In Bengali Culture:-

Being Bengali I can proudly and pompously say, that Bengali people are always creative and imaginative, by using these qualities Bengali people or people of the state West Bengal write and present different genre stories in front of us and public, which readers obviously love to read.

Due to those stories come from the different genre, from comedy to tragedy, thrilling to romantic, suspense to horror, is enough to give Goose Bumps to the readers and story lovers.

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No wonder, why in the Bengali Culture or in West Bengal we find several types of stories, all from the different genre but being artistic people Bong always write a different kind of stories.

13 Ghouls & Ghostly Stories We Find Only In Bengali Culture

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In Bengali Culture if any genre is famous that is horror genre and in Bengali Culture we will surely find lots of dreadfulness chronicle or different kinds of ghosts.

If you are bong or you are from West Bengal, or you are aware of the Bengali Culture then you will surely understand what I’m talking about. The Bengali Culture is indeed full of fascinating stories and read here those horror stories.

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The Bengali ghosts are though mischief and friendly and kids shall be loved to read those stories of the Bong Ghouls. These kinds of chronicles are also common in the Bengali Kids sort books, Thakhur Maar Jhulii and Thakhur Daar Jhulii though.

13 Ghouls & Ghostly Stories We Find Only In Bengali Culture

1). Petni

Petni is a type of Bong female ghost which we find in the Bengali cultures, that young woman died before marriage turn to be Petni as per Bengali Culture and if she is having the desire to live a married life.

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2). Shankhchunni

Shankhchunni is the ghouls of married women as per the Bengali Culture. That’s why, if rumored are to be believed then even after those married women can be seen wearing Shaankha and Pola, a kind of Bengali bangles.

So often this is being said that Shankhchunni Are appeared, in their married – Suhagan get up.

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3). Mamdo Ghost

As per the Bengali culture and Bengali folklore, Mamdo Ghost is another kind of ghosts, those are very impish and having very playful nature.

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4). Begho Bhoot

Begho Bhoot is the ghosts find in Bengali Culture is said to be killed by tigers as the word Begho means tiger. Begho Bhoot is quite popular in Sunderbans of West Bengal as that is the place were several people killed by tigers reportedly.

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5). Brahmadaitya

Brahmadaitya is other kinds of Bengali Ghosts who are quite common in the Bengali culture and Bengali mythology.

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6). Pishach

Pishach are kind of ghouls whom we can be a witness in the Bengali culture who are said to the human meat-eating monster, and in the night of obscurity, Pishach, roam around mostly burial sites or burial ground in search of their prey.

Pishach can also possess human being as per Bengali culture and folktales in order to rule their body and mind.

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7). Kondhokata or Skondhokata

The phantom Skondhokata can be also seen in the Bengali Culture, stories and folktales and story of the Skondhokata, is that the Skondhokata are souls of those people who are died of beheading and often they come in midnight in search of their absent heads.

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8). Sheekol Buri or Jol-Pishach

Sheekol Buri or  Jol-Pishach are the kind of souls who are also known in the Bengali culture and believed to reside in water areas, like, rivers, ponds, and lakes.

In West Bengal they are known by different names in the different localities.  The Sheekol Buri or Jol-Pishach is spirits of the women who died by committing suicide in the or by drowning because of unhappy married life or because of pregnancy before marriage.

Though they are not quite common in India and not much people are aware of them but in West Bengal, especially, in the village side, people are aware of the fortitude Sheekol Buri or Jol-Pishach.

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9). Nishi Ghosts

Nishi Ghosts associated with the ghostly story of the Bengali Culture or Bengali folktales. Nishi Ghosts are the bad and malicious dead souls who call out poor people in the names of the very familiar voice and then take them to an isolated area where Nishis killed those poor people.

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Nishir Daak is a relatively known story or phenomenon in West Bengal, especially, in rural areas and as per some theories of the Bengali Culture, Nishi Ghosts stay full of zipping mainly on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday evenings and in the night time.

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10). Daittyo

Daittyos are like a monster and as per the Bengali culture and story Daittyo time and again appear and arrive in the human appearance, but the size of the Daittyo is much bigger with some super and unexpected power they obsessed.

11). Kanabhulo

Kinds of the ghost which hypnotize and lured its victim, carry them to a secluded or out-of-the-way area where Kanabhulo exterminate its victim and often Kanabhulo attack its victim when the person generally sleep in the midnight as per the stories and narration of the Bengali Culture.

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12). Aleya

The Aleya is looking like a light which is made up because of the marshland that can be found in garden areas or jungle areas when rainfall.

This is a quite common story of the Bengali culture and in West Bengal and in Bangladesh, everybody is aware of the Aleya story.

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13). Ekanore

These enchanted poltergeists as per the Bengali Culture and story only have one leg, and their name is, Ekanore. They usually stay on palm trees and hunt down naughty or mischievous kids.

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Disclaimer: This Article is only written for your entertainment. It has nothing to do with reality.

We don’t believes in ghost or any superstition and we are either not promoting it.

And we will suggest that you should not also believe in ghost or any kinds of superstition.

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