On My Wedding Night I Get To Know That My Husband Is A Dracula

This one is an imaginative story of a cute and sweet girl called, Sheela and how she falls, in love with an English guy called, Robert. On a fateful day, of the 2nd April 1970, it was Sheela, who visited, in the London, for her further study, leaving behind, her country India and her parents, with the hope, she will come back, in her homeland, after her study, will complete.

And after it was Sheela, who come to London, and she settled down there in a girl’s hostel and she was being busy with her study. But in the London, Sheela somehow, get befriend with a guy, named, Robert, whom she was once, seen in a garden area, of her hostel, he was though, a mysterious kind, of the guy, as he never, discussed, with Sheela, who is he? Who are his parents? Or what he does? Or why he visited in the garden area, of her girls’ hostel?

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If something, Sheela was being aware of him, that he is an English, good looking and a handsome guy, who’s name is Robert….. Though Sheela, wanted to know something and something, about him, she never really asked anything!

After being friends, with Robert, somehow, Sheela and Robert fall, in love with each other and she shares, the same, with her parents. Her parents approved of the relationship because, for them, it was Sheela’s happiness, which was matters the most.

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So, eventually, the duo, Sheela and Robert get married to each other, after, the duo’s study has been completed, almost, after one year, of dating each other.

Well, on a fateful night, when the duo got married, Robert and Sheela, it was a very fun and happiest day, of Sheela’s life, as finally, she tied the knot with her dream man, means, the person, whom she loves.

On My Wedding Night, I Get To Know That My Husband Is A Dracula

After the wedding, both Robert and Sheela, moves, to their palace, in London, which was a lavish palace, and the palace belonged, to Robert. Now, after the wedding, it is the wedding night of the Sheela when she is excited to meet with her husband, and to consummate her marriage, which is literally, the dream of every girl, who became, women after marriage.

Now, in her bedroom, Sheela is waiting for her husband, Robert, to come and after a while, Robert joined, his newlywed wife, Sheela, on her bedroom.

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Anyway, in the bedroom, when Sheela, and Robert, were busy talking many things, about their life on their wedding night, but suddenly, Sheela, being noticed, that, Robert, and his face is getting changed, and it turns scary face, which makes Sheela being scared, and she tries to save herself, as it is Robert’s face and gesture turned scary, and eventually, he takes the shape and form of a deadly ghost, called, Dracula.

Now, she realized that on her wedding night, her husband, is a Dracula, and she determined and decides to saves her life, she started running and running and running, but the Dracula Robert was kept following her, in order to suck her blood and he was running behind her back, and somehow, she managed, to go out of the palace, and in order to save her life, she has been enter in the Church, as she was aware of the fact, that the Dracula or any kinds of the damn ghosts are getting scared of the God and the Church.

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Now, in the Church she prayed to god that Robert, is the one with whom she is getting married, with whom, she falls, in love, and she also cries in front of the God, by saying, how she can accept her husband as a Dracula, because he is the one, whom she loves, and she also prayed, to god to make him human and also ask god to get him rid from the curse, which he is having, of being Dracula, on each full moon night.

And it is the God, blessed, Robert, and Robert eventually, also get freedom from the curse of being Dracula, and it is the Sheela and her love, which was impressed, God and, he makes Robert, free from the curse of being Dracula.

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And now Sheela go out from the Church and she embraced, Robert, now Robert, is normal, and she was very happy, and stunned, to see Robert, is a normal human being and he is not a Dracula.

Now, Sheela, said, thanks to god, because of the fact, that now, Robert, turns normal, and he gets freedom from the cursed of being Dracula. And Robert is also turning normal, now, he went into the palace, with Sheela, and the husband and the wife, Sheela, and Robert started their new and fresh and blessed marital life.