It was dream or reality (Short Story)

This one is a frightened story of a girl, named Alice, and she was a regular School going girl of Darjeeling. Somehow in her school, she developed a one sided crush for her school-class teacher, who used to teach history to the class.

Eventually, the crush was turn into one sided love and Alice started loving her school teacher, David, who was very polite and humble man.

Alice wanted to propose to her teacher but she was scared that might her teacher will be scold her, suspense her or will not accept her love but she was madly in love with him!!!

She tries to be friend with him and David also realized that might Alice likes him or love him or developed a crush for him but David never discuss this with Alice as David was very known and aware of the teacher and student pious relationship but might Alice forget that.

But Alice’s love for David was very pure and she was really in love with him and she also wanted to marry him, in order to settle down with him.  She started seeing dream of marrying David also.

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But somehow in the month of September after half yearly exam, Alice’s heart got breaks as David leaves the school because he got a job.

Alice was hurt with that but what she can do, she just continues her school.

Alice was hurt that her fav teacher leave the school but still she is seeing the dream of marrying him, at the same time, she also started seeing depressed which makes her parents worry to know “why she is depressed”?

Heartbroken Alice is now busy with her life, but somehow, she is missing her fav teacher David, and regarding, his where bout, no one is aware anyway!!!

Now the interesting point in the Alice’s life come which is going to gives U some chin some thrilling. One day, It was Halloween Eve; when after dinner, Alice and her family go to sleep.

On this Halloween Eve, Alice was very depressed and sad from the first day, because she was missing David, her fav teacher, her mother was not aware with the same and her mother also scolded her and asked her why she is depressed?.

Her mother actually, wanted to cheer her up, but her mother’s effort go waste. But in the midnight when the whole family fall asleep, suddenly, Alice’s younger sister woken up from the sleep and she feel some kind of weird features, on the Alice’s face.

Alice’s eyes were open and she was in the deep sleep. And somehow her face was just scary enough to give goose bumps to her sister, which Alice’s sister received. Alice started screaming and she tries to make, Alice, wake up and Alice started saying now, “What happen to U? What” and Alice voice was changed which makes her sister more scary.

It was #Dream or #Reality (Short Story)

Sister started screaming and the family arrived to the room of the sister duo, where the family is shocked and stunned to see that, Alice is looking scary and her voice is also changed.

In that time her mother takes god’s name and sprinkles some water on the Alice’s face. After a couple of minutes, Alice turn to be normal but she started crying as she also felt something scary and unnatural in her body, or something unnatural occur with her.

Alice holds her mother and started crying and her parents then holds her and her siblings and asked them to get sleep but they let light the tube for that night and also consoled the kids.

Next day, it was fine normal day when Alice shares the facts with her siblings that on the yesterday night she was thinking about her history teacher and her fav teacher, David, who is now disappear from her school and life’s. She also said she still loves him, which makes her siblings shocked and stunned!

Alice denied her siblings to share this fact with her parents as she is scared that her parents will be turn angry on her if they know that she is in love with her teacher!!!

Now again Alice is back to her normal life and in the month of December-January, her final exam take place in which she scored 85%, not to be mentioned, Alice was a bright student.

After final exam it was already decided that Alice will be move to new city, Delhi with her family for her further study. In Delhi, she wonder, whether there was really the man, her teacher, David, exist or it was just her dream and imagination!

Alice is now a grown up lady and she became writer, but stills she wonder, is David was real or it was just her hallucination?

She is also comeback in Darjeeling from Delhi but she never meet with David ever, who used to teach her history in her school days and she was also in one sided love with him.

Still she wonder, who was David as she never meet with her ever in her life and neither her class neither mate nor her school authority!!!

David just joined the school of Alice for brief period and teaches their history and suddenly turn disappears!!

This will be really yet to Know who was David? It was dream or the reality !!!

Disclaimer: This one is a purely fictional story, write down by me and have no connection with the facts or real world. Names of the characters’ is false name imagine by me and this one is a totally false imagination based story, I write only for Ur entertainment and it have nothing to do with the reality or real story.

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