How To Become A Data Scientist In Three Simple Steps For Fresh Graduates And Post Graduates in India

How To Become A Data Scientist In Three Simple Steps For Fresh Graduates And Post Graduates in India

The journey of being a data enthusiast to a data scientist can be equally rewarding and riveting. It will have lots of challenges and rewards.

Step 1: Complete Your Education

Data science aspirants should at least have an undergraduate degree in statistics, probability, or IT. You also need to take up an industry-focused job-oriented program in data science or any other relevant subjects like AI, or ML to enhance your prospect of being selected as a data science professional at an MNC or any other organisation.

Step 2: Learn Programming Languages

Your academic degree is just a minimum eligibility criterion that may allow you to appear for an interview for the post of a data scientist. But the knowledge of relevant programming languages can actually help you grab the job.

A data scientist needs to be up-to-date about his or her theoretical understanding of the subject, plus practical aspects of it. They should be proficient in working on multiple programming languages like Python, SQL, Matlab, and R.

Step 3: Know Relevant Skills

Data science is an interdisciplinary field. A data scientist not just works with numbers and data. They also work with various online tools such as tableau, data visualization, machine learning, and big data.

Apart from these skill sets, data science professionals should also possess advanced knowledge of MS Office, MS Access, and database management systems (DBMS).

Step 4: Internships and Jobs

In the current era of digitization, you should be alert and look out for internship opportunities available in the relevant domains of IT, including business intelligence, data science, data analysis or statistics.

After your internship program, you can expect a decent entry-level job as a data analyst or junior data scientist. Whatever the designation, you should join it to gain practical working experience and improve your career prospects.

In Conclusion

Have you taken the first step yet? Go and start making your bright career in data science without any further delay. If you are a fresh graduate or postgraduate in any discipline but with a fire in your belly, you are ready! Go and be a data scientist to limit the sky.

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