Everything You Need to Know About Composing A Poem on Fun | How to Write A Funny Poem | Elements of Fun, Romance, Love, and Tragedy | Literature Bites 

Everything You Need to Know About Composing A Poem on Fun | How to Write A Funny Poem | Elements of Fun, Romance, Love, and Tragedy | Literature Bites 

The fun rhyme is very popular among the nursery and play schools and Kindergartens as the little ones like fun of all sorts. It matches their mental wavelength, age and playful nature. One of the specialities of fun as a theme is the fact that you can create a song, a rhyme, a jingle or a storytelling poem. Fun, as a single word and theme, will perfectly suit such literary creations. 

If you are composing a storytelling poem, make sure the elements of joyousness, jumping, bumping, running and all sorts of physical activities are included in such poetic pieces. A storytelling fun rhyme must have action which is common and instinctive to little children. 

To make such poems or songs more interesting, you can invent some funny characters related to animals or creatures like cats or rats and weave a story or an interesting anecdote around them. You can use end-sound matching words for fun like run, sun, gun, done or spun. Turn, burn, lantern, learn, wagon, stallion, shotgun, vision and glutton are some other words that can have the same end sound of fun. We are giving an example of the fun-rhyme in which you will find that the end sound, storyline and sense match perfectly with the song:                  

Dicky’s Fun-Filled Summer Holiday—A fun-filled Poem                 

Last summer, Dicky visited Ms Lucy Auburn

Her farmhouse had a vast-sprawling barn

Dicky boy, in my barn, you can run 

Yes, Aunt Lucy, it will be a great fun

And that is what I very much yearn

Replied Dicky to Ms Lucy Auburn!

On one morn, running in the barn

Dicky Boy took a sudden turn

Lest he tramples a rat called Saturn

You little rat, don’t you know I am on the run?

Follow me, Dicky, my friend Small Gun

Fighting boxer Big Gun

This boxing match was staged under the sun

Dicky boy come and run

Watching rat boxing is a great fun

If Small Gun defeats Big Gun

He will be the year’s boxing champion!

Rat boxing staged under the sun?

Certainly, it will be a thing of great fun

Saying this, Dicky followed Saturn

Now on the run!

Wearing gloves, ready is Small Gun

To punch and defeat Big Gun

Before the match, Judge Hooligan

Made Small Gun shake hand with Big Gun

So excited was Saturn

That he jumped on a lantern

It will be lit when the match is done

Dicky, curious very, knew none

Of the rats though they came from the barn!

And whistled Judge Hooligan

Named so as he steals food under the sun

Hardly caring rat-hating Aunt Auburn 

And every one of the barn!

So was he named Rat Hooligan!

Hooligan, the judge, signalled with a run

In the boxing ring moved Big Gun

As if defeating Small Gun is just a fun

Very excited was rat Saturn

Jumped from the lantern

Came into Dicky’s coat pocket with a run

Rat folk of Aunt Auburn’s barn

Ran helter-skelter caring none

Caring not if hitting someone!

Big Gun moved like Mike Tyson

But slipped in the ring, it was no fun

With gloved hands, Small Gun 

Ran where Big Gun lay under the sun

Left and right, he punched Big Gun!

Judge Hooligan made a run

Lifted hand of a Small Gun

Shouting, you win, Small Gun

You are the year’s boxing champion!

For Dicky, it was really fun

He was ready for a fast run

Reaching the big barn

Dicky met Aunt Auburn  

Sitting in a chair under the sun

Aunt, Dicky said, our naughty Small Gun

Now is a boxing champion

Of the rat-folk who live in your barn!

Don’t talk of Small Gun of my barn

He is an all little evil Satan

But you can play and run

With him in my barn!

In this poem, you must watch the end sounds. Every sentence at its end has a similar sound effect. The storyline is also maintained with this sound effect from beginning to end. 

How To Use Words Like FUN/ SUN/ TURN/ PUN In the Same Poem?           

In fun rhyme, the selection of words with matching sounds is as important as the completeness of the sentence indicating some action of fun. The funny acts involving small children and animal creatures will ideally suit to rhyme with fun meaning. As a syllable, fun means frolic, amusement, enjoyment, entertainment, joke (in a larger sense like funny jokes), tease (in a larger sense like Ram teased Shyam for sheer fun) and merrymaking.

Such words can be used for fun rhyme if you can suitably match them with some other syllables that end with fun or similar sounds. Rhyming fun can as a word be comparatively an easy job as lyricists or songwriters can delve into the storyline for children using various words with the same end-sound effect.

It would always match the sentences if you select interesting words in line with the interesting storyline. It may be noted that the selection of such words depends on the theme. If your theme is interesting, it will keep the little children engrossed with the poem. They may sing it with a tune, something of their own.

The nursery or playschool teachers may also create a song-line with music developed by them. In respect of composing such poems, you as a lyricist, can use these words for a rhyming scheme of fun: sun, gun, run, pun, turn, burn, barn, learn, earn, done, undone, someone, everyone, opinion, illusion and champion. In all these words, we find fun-ending sound-effect. These same sound-matching words can be ideal for framing sentences in a rhythmic manner. 

Can Poem On FUN or FUNNY Poem Help Kids and Poets? How Do Make Use of Those Words Together              

Several words may help you to rhyme with fun. Much, however, depends on how you develop the storyline and which specific words you use to match both the sense and sentence ending in tune with the same sound. If you research well, you can find such words. The words that may be helpful to rhyme with fun depend primarily on the following factors:

  1. Maintaining a continuous process or sequence of the storyline
  2. Ending with the same sound effect (but the sound effect must match the storyline and words to be able to continue the storyline on its given theme)
  3. Words you select must be simple enough to be understood by the nursery school or playschool children. 
  4. Such words must show actions like crying, smiling, running, jumping and bumping to match the naughty and always playful nature of the little children. 
  5. Your selection also should be done in such a way that it maintains the flow of the storyline. 

Fun rhymes should always be funny to catch the interest of little children.                         

Which Words Should You Use With the Word FUN

Fun relates to enjoyment, joke, merrymaking, sometimes teasing and joviality. For giving expressions to these different moods of fun-word, your selection of rhyming words should depend primarily on:

  1. Theme, subject matter and storyline
  2. Actions at play (like footballer runs, the hunter uses his gun, circus joker acts for fun and Fox Joseph sleeps under the sun etc.,)
  3. End-matching sound (as little Felicia sings for fun or tiger came and the deer began to run etc.,). A rhyme must be schemed in end-sound matching way. Without an end-sound match, you cannot rhyme a sentence. 
  4. Sentencing must be totally in continuation of the sense of the plot of the story.                

Fun, as a word, rhymes very nicely with a set of sound-matching words. They depend upon the storyline’s continuation. You can begin a poem or song like this:

When Joseph Barn Flew with Kingfisher Furn                          

Kingfisher, my dear, can we have fun

Now that the sky has a bright sun?

Though only four years old, I can run

Can you do this, in your turn?

How lovely, you are Joseph Barn

I am Kingfisher by the name Furn

Why run for your fun?

You can fly under the bright sun

Sit on my wings, I take you to Turn

A tree standing in a forest of fern!

Thus saying, came Furn

Near Joseph Barn

And flew with him to Turn

Standing in a forest of fern!

Flying in the sky is a really fun

He said to Kingfisher Furn

Welcome, welcome, said Turn

Oh, thank you, said Joseph Barn

I have a lot to learn

From you, kingfisher Furn!

As dimmed the light of the sun

Kingfisher said, see lamps begin to burn

I carry thee home to read and learn

And gain knowledge to earn

When you grow up in your turn!

In this nursery song, you see how the context is developed perfectly in line with the story of a boy and a kingfisher. Children like birds, plants, animals and jungle creatures. Hence, the poem is also made including all these elements. Since flying is an adventure that every child likes, it is included in this poem. 

How to Create Compelling Rhyming Sentences Without Disturbing the Scene?

Rhyming sentences about fun primary should depend on action and activity. It should have a child character and some other animal characters. You can also select a ghost or a fairy for this. Since the children take much interest in ghosts and fairies, they will like a poem woven into a rhyming scheme with catchy sentences. You can also include angels. Using them as principal protagonists of your story, you can rhyme sentences with matching end-sound. If the end sound is not matching, it is not a rhyme.

In rhyming sentences about fun, you can use such syllables (to create the sentences) as little dog Tom likes fun, white cat Betty likes to run, hunter Robert Smith came with a gun or Tom is happy as his homework done. These sentences are complete by themselves. You have rhymed these sentences exactly in line with their theme. Cats run, school boys feel happy when their home is done and little dogs always like fun. 

Let’s take a Look at this poem written from a completely different perspective. It’s all about how you can love someone and enjoy spending time with him or her but at the end of the day, you come to know that he or she doesn’t love you anymore. Though heartbreak will get normal when you find someone again that won’t be the same as the first love:

Why does It hurt?

So, we parted ways, 

Yet, I feel her love always. 

Seeing her eyes, 

I feel colourful butterflies, 

She speaks less, 

But cleared all doubts! 

She didn’t love me, no doubt. 

With a heavy heart, I moved on, 

Thrashing the romance that was recently born. 

We still talk and greet, 

Yet, I feel her as my heartbeat! 

She smiles at me… 

knowing how much I still love her, 

But my unrequited love is now shaking… 

As I found some1 else equally appealing! 

This new girl treats me with love & respect, 

She is full of intellect, 

Even though my first love was lost, 

Yet, finally, I found my Miss. Perfect! 

I often question… 

Is first love always the worst? 

Words That Have Same Meaning As FUN like Happiness, Enjoyment And Others | Synonyms                  

Fun as a word has several single or double-word synonyms. In general, fun can mean a jolly atmosphere, smile, joviality, recreation, comedy, joke and lightheartedness. These are both single and double-word synonyms. When you are writing a song, you can use these words for situational explanations. Like Molly is a girl always jolly, At Albert’s folly, all made fun or When chased, thieves began to run.

You can use different synonyms to further explain these actions. As All smiled at Albert’s innocence or joviality marks Molly’s nature. The synonymous application of fun-meaning words depends upon the sentence and its framing. If it is framed matching with the sense, you can use any synonym but its end sound must match perfectly with the end sound of the previous line or last sentence of the line. 

Wrapping Up                     

Fun rhymes are very famous all across the world as the children like them very much. Fun rhymes are woven in almost all languages of the world. Children speaking their own native languages recite, hum, read and sing such songs. However, the most difficult part of writing fun rhymes is the framing of the storyline. This is due to the reason that a large number of storylines have already been used to create funny poems. You can do this through your out-of-the-box thinking.

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