An Exclusive Interview with Blogger Rakesh Sharma

An Exclusive Interview with Blogger Rakesh Sharma

Rakesh Sharma is a well known blogger. Both, Bollywood Galiyara and Gadget Galiyara are his creation, and both the sites are doing great when it comes to viewership. Rakesh Sharma is someone who loves blogging from the core of his heart.

He works at a big MNC company at a responsible post, and after his hard day at office, you can find him sitting him with a laptop in the night engaging in blogging and writing online. He has a decent fan-base on all social media sites.

Rakesh Sharma
Image source: Rakesh Sharma

Team CheckerNews interviewed the genius and versatile blogger , Rakesh Sharma recently, and here are the exerpts:

Briefly describe your journey as a blogger until now.

I am a Trainer by profession and I always looking for new things to keep myself updated with all the happening in the world. During my early days of the professional career, I always read articles to enhance my skills and knowledge; from there I got to know about the blogging concept.

As part of my job, I am responsible to update training content and knowledge database. I got some experience and exposure from there and later I started writing online on social media and web portal. Also, I have good interest in Technology and Bollywood. Then I decided to start my own blog on Bollywood in 2012.

I Started this blog as a hobby and update the same whenever I got time. In early 2014 when blogging in India growing as industry and I saw some scope of extra earning, I decided to convert this into a website and then in March 2014 officially launched Bollywood Galiyara and entertainment portal for all latest Bollywood News and Gossips. Post that in 2015 launched another portal for tech and gadget news  GadgetGaliyara .com.

Because of my blogging experience, I got an opportunity to work with Google for their project related to their blogging site Recently I am also working with UC news and writing for them as freelance writer.

Interview Rakesh Sharma
Image source: Rakesh Sharma

You have rich experience in Blogging. Tell us how to become a successful blogger in a short span of time.

It just an interest that I have, which encouraged me to keep myself motivated to explore new things to share my learning and experience with others. If you talk about the success then according to me, if you follow your dreams and stay focused on your passion then you will always get the success.

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Who are your favorite writers and why?

I know you will say this is a diplomatic answer but trust me I don’t have any favorite write. Because according to me writer is one who create life into the thoughts. No matter from whose pen those thoughts come out. If you feel and live along with thoughts and stories. I love to read all the stories or writers, it’s just depends on what I am looking for at that moment of time. If it’s there, I will read and take leanings from article or story.

What prompted you to choose blogging when you are already working at a big MNC.

It’s my interest to browse for new things to keep myself updated, and my Happy to help nature. Also, my profession helped me a lot to gain skills and initial platform to share my knowledge.

Speak something on Bollywood Galiyara. Are you Bollywood fan?

I am not a Bollywood fan but yes I have some interest in Entertainment industry and Bollywood is a part of this industry. Talk about Bollywood Galiyara, this is an entertainment portal which helps readers to get all the latest updates and all the happening from B-town.

Initially, it was only me who wrote for Bollywood Galiyara, but now the website performance is increasing day by day and lots of other bloggers are also showing keen interest in writing for us. Some of them have already started writing for us. Now, many of the sponsors started showing interest and I am working to take this up for next level.

You have also launched a technology blogsite So you are a big fan of newer gadgets too. Comment

Yes, I am a big fan of Gadgets and technology and I always keen to know what’s new in the market. Gadgets are the future and I want myself to be skilled for the next generation.

Do you think blogging is a challenge as finding readers could be difficult?

Yes, you can say this. But if you have something new and creative and you don’t need to think of finding readers. Readers can automatically find you from the big Ocean of the Internet.

Rakesh Sharma Interview
Image source: Rakesh Sharma

How Does Rakesh Sharma Handle Success & Failure?

What is your philosophy of life? How you handle success and failure?

“Live your life by doing things of your interest, not for others interest” is the philosophy that I follow. I take success as the one of the step towards another successful step and failure is always be a learning which helps you to ease your next step towards the success.

Who are your role models?

It’s a difficult question for me, because I have never thought about it too deeply. However, one person who inspired me a lot is Akshay Kumar. I love the way he is living his life and maintaining a perfect balance in his personal and professional life.

Which are your dream destinations to travel to?

Entire world, I want to see the whole world as every destination has its own beauty I want to explore the same.

Team CheckerNews wishes the young entreprenuer and blogger a glorious future ahead. Thank You Rakesh Sharma for this wonderful Interview.

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