“When I Saw ‘Pass’ in My CA-Final Marksheet, I Screamed So Loud That I Had Tears of Happiness in My Eyes,” — CA Aditi Matey Aglawe

“When I Saw ‘Pass’ in My CA-Final Marksheet, I Screamed So Loud That I Had Tears of Happiness in My Eyes,” — CA Aditi Matey Aglawe

We heard it long time back that nothing succeeds like success. And, it’s true! Ask CA Aditi Matey Aglawe, and she’ll jump with excitement and jubilation while recalling how she really worked hard for the CA exam and successfully cracked it.

She achieved the feat last year, and there’s been no looking back.

For the unversed, the CA exam conducted by ICAI is regarded as the second-most toughest exam in the country after UPSC.

Aditi aced the exam like a true rockstar. At the same time, she never fails to thank her supportive husband, family members, and mentors; without their love and support, she wouldn’t have become a CA.

We recently invited CA Aditi Matey Aglawe to our platform to share her thoughts about her CA exam strategy, ambition, work-life balance, and many things.

Here are the excerpts:

Hello Aditi. Welcome to TheCheckerNews. Please briefly introduce yourself.

Ans: Hi… I’m CA Aditi Matey Aglawe. I live in Nagpur and I’m married to a wonderful human being. My education right from schooling and college has been from the city itself & apart from studies I have a keen interest in writing,badminton and exercising for my mental well being.

How has been your professional journey so far?

Ans: It’s been beyond wonderful to say the least. I would not like to jinx it by saying more, but with the support of my near and dear ones and also with my self motivation I have been able to do more than what I had set my eyes on and for that I’m grateful.

The CA exam conducted by ICAI is often referred to as the second-most toughest exam after UPSC. Your comment!

Ans: It is, in fact! Having gone through the whole process and becoming a Chartered Accountant I know what it takes to achieve this tag. The humongous books, long study hours stretching to 10 hours a day, attending classes as well as your articleship drains you mentally as well as physically. But once you come out of it strong, all of your efforts, hard work, sleep-deprived days are proven to be worth every penny of it.

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What was your reaction when you got to know that you actually cleared your CA-final exam?

Ans: I can’t explain that in words to be honest. When the results were announced and I saw a ‘pass’ in my marksheet, I screamed so loud and I actually had tears of happiness in my eyes. My husband was beside me, he too had the same reaction of happiness and excitement. The feeling is indescribable.

You also write on Quora. Did you always love writing or is it something that you’ve developed in recent times?

Ans: It has always been one of my favourite hobbies from the time I can remember. I find it way easier to communicate my thoughts and feelings through writing. Also on Quora, I write on different aspects to help anybody in search of help.

Even if it benefits a single person, I’d consider myself lucky.

What should be your piece or pieces of advice to young boys and girls preparing for the CA exam? How would you like to motivate them?

Ans: Do not quit. This is the only advice I’d like to give everyone preparing for CA exams. I know it’s tough and you’ll feel that the best option is to quit, but do not. All of your hardwork will be invaluable when you see you have earned those two letters in front of your name.

Now that you are already a qualified and certified CA, which one would you prefer—to grow as an independent professional or join a company as a CA? 

Ans: For the initial year or two, I’d like to take experience and navigate myself through it and then set my firm with the knowledge I have gained.

How has your life changed after becoming CA? Your husband, parents, and friends must be extremely proud of you.

Ans: Everybody, right from my parents,my husband and my in-laws have been so proud of me. They know the work I have put in and they have been super supportive of it and hence are on cloud nine with the results.

Would you like to share your weight loss journey and some tips for young girls who want to stay fit and healthy?

Ans:  I had gained a few kgs which I did not like, not because I wanted to be slim or look a certain way. It was all because I wanted to be a fit and better version of myself, each day everyday and I still want to. 

During my weight loss journey, I focused on being in calorie deficit, eating balanced home cooked meals and exercising four to five times a week and that has worked well for me and it still does.

To each girl, don’t be hard on yourself. Focus on being fit, and don’t starve yourself or go on crash diets; it would do more harm than good.

Do you have a blog or website? Please share details so that our readers can follow them.

Ans: Right now I do not. But that’s been on my mind ever since. Anyone curious to read what I write, can follow through Quora. Being an amateur writer, I chalk down everything there.

Can you explain a bit about your city—Nagpur—the city of oranges? How’s life there—job options, medical facilities, cleanliness, people, education, etc.,!

Ans: It’s the best city to live in according to me, period! The city isn’t like other metropolises, but has its own charm. I might be partial because I have grown here, but I love this city from the bottom of my heart. The job options are quite limited but the medical facilities are top notch. The people and the food here are its highlight as they have an appeal of their own.

Finally, let us know the philosophy of your life. How do you take stress and manage work-life-family balance?

Ans: My philosophy in life is quite simple. Live and let live. My age old mantra. That way, I do not worry about trivial issues and am happy in my own space.

I have been able to strike a balance only because of my time management skills and my husband and parents. They are the reason I have been able to clear my exams, focus on my professional career and also have a personal life. 

Also to all reading this, I have a simple advice. You can have it all and also not stress just by striking an appropriate balance, if you will.

Thanks, Aditi, for your time and thoughts. We wish you a glorious future ahead. All the best!

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