Top 3 Famous iOS Apps for 2017, Garageband Leads

Download Garageband for PC Now. iOS is far superior than Android. Apple is the leading multinational IT brand known for its quality products that are powerloaded with its high quality iOS operating system. There are several gadget lovers and tech savvy people who love to use iOS regularly instead of Android smartphone. The primary reason why many people are fans of iOS or Apple Operating System is the fact is its high quality display and performance.

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Apple offers high quality innovation into the apps that run on its platform iOS. GarageBand for PC is the latest addition to Apple’s newly launched list of apps alongside other technology and programs. Other Apps include the likes of Facebook for iOS, Twitter, Netflix, Flipboard and others.

#1) Garageband for PC: In the last few months, Garageband app saw a massive rise in its popularity and global coverage. It is not only one of the most popular Apple apps but also an emerging Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with a lot of fans worldwide. You can avail garageband for pc now to enjoy making lots of heart throbbing music via Garageband.

Now, you can create high quality Music tracks and Podcast from the comfort of your home using this app. You can also use such creations for your own videos, music, themes and youtube intros. It comes with an easy user interface and any one can use this app on PC, iPads, iPods and other Apple products. At present iPhone 7 is available on the latest iOS 10.

#2) Netflix: This year, one app that earned maximum popularity is the Netflix. It features original and exclusive series including House of Cards and Stranger Things that you won’t get to view anywhere else. You can watch high quality videos, films and television series using this apps anywhere straight onto your device.

#3) Google Mail (GMail) App: Gmail is the wonderful communication tool that facilitates instant communication over electronic medium. It is, mostly, spam-free and operates in superfast speed. You can also attach several important documents in a single gmail at high speed without any threat of virus attack.

Garageband Emerged as Top iOS App for Music Lovers

With 2017 is set to bid adieu in the next few days, there is no doubt that Garageband app is likely to become more popular next year. More and more people are getting interested in creating music and selfie songs so this app is likely to rule the roost next year.

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