In The Different Cultures Of The World, How People Show Respect To The Departure Soul

The Festival of the Dead is being witnessed and held by several cultures, all the way through, in the whole globe.

The day, Festival of the Dead, which is also known as the Feast of Ancestors, in the whole globe, is organized and celebrate, in order to give abundances’, of the respect, honor or recognition to the dead members of the community.

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Well, the festival, namely, Festival of the Dead, is mainly, observes and celebrates and happens, post, the harvest in August, September, October, or November.

For instances, the Ancient Egyptian Wag carnival happens, in the early times of the August, month, and in the Japanese Buddhist custom the festival is giving respect and providing honour to the dead spirits of one’s ancestors, which is widely recognized as the Bon Festival, and it is annually, held in July or August.

In The Different Cultures Of The World, How People Show Respect To The Departure Soul

Well, the above mentioned annual carnival, and its celebration started, with participants congregate towards the ocean with gifts, messages and lit lanterns which is exclusive, done for the dead people.

All of these gifts and offerings are found in small boats, eventually, which are released into the water at midnight period and time, which are sounds like, something different. Is not!!!

For the Hindu people, the ritual called, showing respect, to the dead people and the dead ancestors are regarded as the Pitri Paksha.

The day is as per the Wikipedia, based on the Hindu lunar calendar, and this time and the period lasts for 15 days, falling towards the end of September.

Well, it is, I read in the Wikipedia, further, that, the day, Halloween, is also part of the In the concept, called, Festival of the Dead, which s became much trendy, in this 21st century, and the festival, Halloween, is part of the English or the European festival.

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