An Exclusive Interview with Aman Singh

Aman singh is the founder of Mid Night Diary (a literary based website). After having spend 20 years of his life in Kanpur, a town in eastern UP, he is currently based in New Delhi. He has an MBA in IT & Marketing from a renowned school of business from Kanpur.

Aman Singh is currently associated with A telecom based company in Gurgaon. Team CheckerNews invited Aman Singh for an exclusive interview, which he readily accepted. In one-word it was indeed motivating and inspiring.

Interview of Aman Singh
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Here are the excerpts from this Interview

How did the idea of Creating a Literary Website Come To Your Mind? 

‘TO CREATE SOMETHING THAT OUTLASTS US’ This one thought was in my mind when I came to an idea of creating a literary website. I started this website to keep my writings at one safe place where anyone can read them any time and what other than Internet can help better as we are in 21st century now. In India, the number of internet users are increasing rapidly and giving us an opportunity to showcase our talent.

There are still many writers in the country who are unable to get a chance for getting published. This one thought changed everything and one fine evening of summer in 2017, I officially launched Mid Night Diary ( for everyone who loves to write. In last six months, we have grown to be a family of 200 writers with 30K subscribers.

Now, we are stepping ahead and are conducting open mic events for aspiring writers in various cities like Kanpur, Lucknow, Jamshedpur, Bareilly, Kota, Ranchi and Varanasi, among others.

Briefly Describe Your Life’s Journey in 4-5 Sentences.

I was born on 4th October 1992, in the well-known city of eastern UP, Kanpur. My Childhood was as good as childhood can ever get with showers of love, innocence and happiness. I completed my schooling from Aryavart Inter College, Naubasta, Kanpur. I received a Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology from Maharana Institute of Professional Studies, UPTU in Kanpur. After completing my masters from same university in 2014 I moved to NCR in search of a job as any other well-educated person. Soon, I was able to grab an opportunity in Tata Teleservices (TTSL) corporate office as a coordination assistant in Digital business.

“I am better with myself! You need not be handsome. You need not be smart you need not be great to be with yourself.” Understanding this and spending most of the time with myself, was enough to know what I wanted from life.

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How can a person maintain a perfect life-work balance?

There is nothing like ‘perfect’ in my dictionary. Everything just depends on the viewpoint. Everyone have their own perspectives to see their life and others’ as well. According to my philosophy, to live life, “We have to live our life by doing things of our interest, not of others’ interest” 

To maintain the balance between work and personal life (even the passion in my case) is very easy. It all depends on ONE, try to find one good thing everyday to laugh to avoid stress, try to meet one new person every day to socialize, try to learn one new thing every day — doesn’t matter whether it is good or bad.

I divide my time in three parts — Personal, Professional and Passion.You learn by doing, as I have.

What are your future dreams for this Mid Night Diary project?

Well, this is something I would like to keep it for myself. Maybe, I’ll think of telling it when I achieve something respectable enough. I am very secretive, and generally avoid sharing things. All I have to say is, I am planning to work on a productivity project that actually works and makes your life more happy, productive and meaningful. That’s basically my whole life, to add a meaning, purpose and give the right direction to those people, who want to change and get better.

Just want to say one thing for Mid Night Diary : “A little bit of faith, a little bit of fate.”

Who are your real life idols and why?

I never thought about idols but yes there are a few people who inspired me alot. I take inspiration from the surroundings, social circumstances and people around.

Chakrapani Kushwaha – Chakrapani Kushwaha (my father) is a real hero. There is calmness on his face even after there is stress. It really gives me a positive energy. He always supports me in most of the decisions I make in life, no matter what. However, he never shows it off (he seems a total silent-hero). Lastly, we, as children are always indebted to our parents. Nothing can be equal to their patience and unconditional love.

Shah Rukh Khan – Shah Rukh Khan believes in appreciating the goodness of everybody that he has been around and witnessed. He has a different charm altogether and inspires a lot of people. He has maintained to be ‘himself’ and has given his best to be creative and lives up to all the expectations of his fans, who have loved him unconditionally.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma – Vijay Shekhar Sharma (Founder, Paytm) the rockstar of the Indian startup ecosystem. He is a visionary who has been through the travails of bootstrapping for years before building the country’s biggest brand.

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Did you want to become a writer since childhood?

As a child, I never had an idea that I will become a writer. So, there are no parallels to draw between my childhood and what I am doing right now. As a child, I had a few dreams. My dream was to buy an ice cream factory as I am in intense love with it. My second dream was to buy a Sony Walkman as I am crazy about bollywood romantic numbers. As a child, I was much passionate about collecting different character cards.

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Please give some tips on how to overcome life’s challenges and problems without losing one’s cool?

If you start enjoying your life, then it would be no more challenging. Although, there is no set process or pattern to overcome life’s challenges. Let me tell you one good real life example. If we are going somewhere and we get traffic on the road then what do we do? We find another way, from where we can reach our destination. This is the only mantra of living life. In this example, traffic is our problem, bike is our life and that alternative way to reach the destination is our solution.

I always try to find multiple ways to solve a problem. Always make sure you have plan B or C. If plan A fails, then you can achieve your dreams via other alternatives.

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Which are your dream destinations and why. 

It’s not a single place but every place where I can get some peace and connect with nature. Actually, this ENTIRE WORLD has its own beauty and charm. I want to explore and pendown the same.

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Finally, what is Your Ambition in Life and how are you chasing it?

Thank you. This is a very thoughtful question and makes me look at my past life as a writer with a different lens. The difference between chasing things that you want to and dreaming of chasing things you really want to have is an ambition.

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For me, the ambition of my life was to become a writer which has already been accomplished with Mid Night Diary ( Now, I am taking one more step forward and plann to publish more writers on and through this platform.

Thank You Very Much Aman Singh. It was indeed a beautiful and inspiring interview. Wishing you lots more success ahead.

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