Akshay Dalvi Exclusive Interview: The Name Is Enough !

Herewith, I am introducing Akshay Dalvi to all of you.

He is now on his mission to solve people’s problems by showing them the enlightening path towards happiness.

Akshay rose to fame in a short span of time, and is a youth icon now. He is a man of diverse talents and inspires the entire generation with his evocative words, motivational dialogues and writings. He is a well-established entrepreneur too, thanks to his finest business acumen  and interpersonal skills.

Want to know more about him? Just read ahead.

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Most of the time I spent my time writing on my phone

An Exclusive Interview With Akshay Dalvi, An Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker.

Here are the excerpts; 

Briefly Explain About Yourself.

Akshay Dalvi: I am an Entrepreneur by heart, I believe in bridging gaps in the society, as of now, I am addressing solutions to market brands. And in my free time, I assist with productivity and stress management. I am an avid reader of blogs, and love to write things that are inspired by situations around me.

It seems you are a literary freak. Speak something about how you came across writing for the first time. Were you a born writer?

AD: I am not sure, if I am the right person to say I am a born writer, but as far as I could recollect, I won a few essay-writing competitions as a 10 year old. By the time I turned 15, I wanted to write a book, which would put limelight for a 10th standard student going through board exam pressure.

It is the way you want to take it: Akshay Dalvi

I only started to write poetry and short notes when I was 17, later on during the Engineering days I started expressing my views on social causes through my writing. Fantasy and self help related writing developed over the course of past 10 Years.

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How do you rate India when it comes to freedom of expression?

Akshay Dalvi: I would say there is certainly a greater degree of “freedom of expression” when we compare it with most of the countries in the world. The conflict arises only when the views of different people do not please each other.

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Image source: Team Akshay Dalvi

I have read a couple of your write-ups and found them immensely motivating. What prompt you to write such stuff?

AD: I love to generalize situations and find simple solutions to complex problems. Initially, when the generalization helped me solve my personal problems, it encouraged me to reach out my friends and later on the masses to solve their problems. My motivation to write is, the power it gives me to inspire lives for good. At the core, my love for someone else’s growth, keeps me write motivating stuff. 

What was the biggest turning point in your life?

Akshay Dalvi: The day when my father passed away, it is easier to say, “Stay in the present and don’t think about the future”. The day he passed away, it was all of a sudden, yet we had nothing left between each other that we hadn’t shared and offered each other. He had live to the fullest. The things that have to happen will happen. Live in the present and maximize all the efforts to achieve what you like. This approach intensified and I could achieve more every day.

Do you watch Bollywood movies? Who is your favorite actor and actress?

AD: I am not much into movies, I have always been like that, but I do find some time for movies in between. I do not have a specific fan following for anyone, but I really adore Akshay Kumar, Govinda and Madhuri Dixit Nene.

Are you disappointed seeing such a negligible interest of Indian Football Fans regarding FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017?

Akshay Dalvi: Yes! However, I will not blame anyone. Everyone has a choice. But if someone had seen them play all the three matches this world cup, one can for sure say, they have a great potential to reach ahead. Dheeraj, our goalkeeper, has potential to play in prominent leagues across the world in years to come.

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Image source: Team Akshay Dalvi

What are your future projects or goals?

AD: I want to continue writing and connect the youth to battle daily life problems. Personally, I want to create an ecosystem which promotes entrepreneurship and hobbyists to live their dreams in real life.

Speak a few inspiring words to those youths who want to make a career in fields other than Engineering and Government service.

AK: I am an engineer, but I always wanted to be one 10-12 years back. If you want to go beyond it, you need to plan your years, you should be relentless to achieve what you like. There are absolutely many high paying and satisfying jobs and businesses for each soul out there. All you need to do is “Just believe yourself!” when no one else is believing.

What is the philosophy of your life?

Akshay Dalvi: I strongly believe in karmic relationships. I believe in actions and valuing the power of nature that has gifted us with so many things at the individual level and also with those around us globally.

Which are your favorite or dream travel destinations?

AD: I am not much of a traveler, but I want to travel, Portugal and Spain. I wish that travel opens up new horizons for me.

Why this Kolaveri D (Why there is so much animosity everywhere)? Can you give some tips on how to achieve mental calmness, and become victorious in life without hurting others.

Akshay Dalvi: If we have patience like the way Rahul Dravid has on the pitch, we have won half the battle. The next thing is to be in the practice of meditation and self analysis of our behavior. These help us to solve many problems and achieve what we want without bothering much to others.

I believe what we give is what we take with us!

Again, take Rahul Dravid as an example; he has achieved so much with his talent, hard work, emotional intelligence and sheer dedication without rousing any negative controversy in his illustrious cricket career and public life.

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Image source: Akshay Dalvi team

Thank You Very Much Akshay Dalvi. It was absolutely a fantastic, motivational and enthralling Interview session.

Team CheckerNews conveying heartiest congratulations, and Wishing Akshay Dalvi All the Best in future.

(Compiled by Atish Home Chowdhury)

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