Nobel Committee Ignores An Indian Nobel Prize Nominee Again

Nobel Committee Ignores An Indian Nobel Prize Nominee Again

The Nobel Prize Nominee in Chemistry for 2017 Has Issued the Following Press Release to the Indian Media:

NEW DELHI, August 21, 2017: Professor Mrinal Thakur, Director of the Photonic Materials Research Laboratory, Auburn University, AL (USA)  discussed the following issues yet to be addressed by The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

#1) No credit was given to Professor Thakur in 2000 Nobel Prize and afterwards for his discovery of “Nonconjugated Conductive Polymers” although the Nobel Prize was awarded for the discovery of “Conductive Polymers”. The fundamental theoretical basis of conductive polymers as provided by Professor Thakur (1988) has been proven and accepted to be correct while that given by the Nobel recipients was proven incorrect.

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#2) The Royal Swedish Academy still has not made the requisite correction in the document preserved at the Nobel Foundation website despite repeated requests. The document states that a polymer must be conjugated to be electrically conductive – which is nonfactual and the corresponding theory as given is incorrect.

#3) Professor Thakur’s research funding was abruptly stopped as he brought up the incorrectness and inequity regarding the 2000 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The funding has remained stopped for the past 14 years since 2003.

#4) Professor Thakur stakes claim to the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry as well since “Super-resolved Fluorescence Microscopy” (2014 Nobel in Chemistry) is based on earlier nonlinear optical experimental and theoretical studies performed by Professor Thakur and colleagues on organic materials (published in Applied Physics Letters, Physical Review Letters, MRS Proceedings, Macromolecules, Optics Letters on 1985 and onwards). Professor Thakur’s works were published at least ten years prior to those of the 2014 Nobel recipients.

These are all critical issues – said Professor Thakur who has been nominated for the 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

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The first two issues relate to correctness and providing due credit – which is at the heart of our entire educational system.

The third issue – the research funding for the individual who came up with the correct scientific idea has been stopped, goes against rational thinking, human decency and is in violation of human rights.

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Regarding the fourth issue, according to the statutes the Nobel Prize is  given to recognize the earliest and most original works in any given field.  That was not followed in the decision of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

In the previous year, Professor Thakur suggested that these issues could be resolved with the help of Prime Minister Lofven of Sweden, Prime Minister Modi and President Obama of USA along with Dr. Christina Moberg, President of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Now he suggests the newly elected President Trump of USA, Prime Minister Lofven, Prime Minister Modi may help reaching a solution in communication with Dr. Christina Moberg.

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In the previous years, these issues were included in the agenda for discussion during two meetings between Prime Minister Modi and President Obama – once in India and then in USA. Also these issues were discussed when Prime Minister Modi met with Prime Minister Lofven in Mumbai. Now Professor Thakur is baffled – why these issues were not brought up and highlighted when high officials of Royal Swedish Academy including Dr. Moberg met in Ahmadabad, India on January this year?

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That would be a great opportunity to hold a discussion and resolve the issues which have been lingering for the past seventeen years. Having missed that opportunity, it is absolutely essential that our Prime Minister’s office takes active initiative to rapidly resolve these issues through holding meetings and discussions with the high officials of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

India must learn to honor its own nationality.

Jai Hind

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