6 Telugu Movies To Watch On This Weekend – Monsoon Special

6 Telugu Movies To Watch On This Weekend – Monsoon Special

The weekend is just fun and it is weekend is a perfect time, when we all are keen to spend some quality time, with our family and friends and off course with ourselves too.

So, I am here presenting in front of you a complete list of the Tollywood movies, which you can watch and relishes on this Weekend. These movies, names will be surely going to bring some entertainments and recreation in your hands and will be sure, going to gives you some amusement goals.

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I just love and I’m keen on watching both new and old movies! So here is the list of some classics, I mean cult classic movies, on this Weekend, literally.

Without wasting time now, just scroll down and read the whole article to know the names of the movies, I mean Telugu movies, which you can watch on this Weekend.

6 Telugu Movies, To Watch On This Weekend

1). Oopiri

Well, the Telugu movie, Oopiri, is a beautiful movie, which can surely, going to lighten up your evening on this weekend, and fans and audiences, will also surely going to like this movie, indeed.

Well, the Telugu movie, Oopiri, features, the South Indian actors, Nagarjuna, Karthi, and Tamannaah, and the trio just does justice to their roles and their parts.

2). Vedam

Vedam, the Tollywood movie, is also a path-breaking movie, which is in the one hand entertaining, on the other hand, it is also a kind of the movie, which is literally, and indeed, full of the some good points, and you can include, the movie, on your bucket list, which you can watch and can go for on this weekend.


3). Gaganam

Though the Telugu language movie, Gaganam, is an action movie, it is I think, must be watched on this weekend, and the film is narrated, the story of a plane hijacked and how the cop, the Telugu actor, Nagarjuna, will save the flight.

4). Jersey

The Tollywood movie, Jersey, can be included, on this complete list of the Tollywood movies, which you can watch on this weekend, and I think, this one is perfect to watch indeed.

The Tollywood movie, Jersey, features, the Tollywood stars, Nani, Shraddha and Brahmaji, in the lead role, and story of the movie, is all about an account and narration of a cricket player’s life.

5). Eega

It is just better to lighten up your weekend, on this Saturday, or Sunday, by watching some horror or the supernatural kinds of the movie, and in that time, I think, it shall be perfect to watch the Telugu movie, Eega, which is a full of fantasy, a good movie, indeed.

6). Gentleman

You can watch the Tollywood actor, Nani Starrer, Telugu movie, Gentleman, which is also a good movie, to include, on your bucket list to watch on this weekend, certainly.

Let us know your thoughts on it.