Netflix Comedy “Hello Ghost” (2023) Tells Loners They Are Not Alone

Netflix Comedy “Hello Ghost” (2023) Tells Loners They Are Not Alone

A nicely woven plot, fast-paced action scenes, and the element of “what next?” have made “Hello Ghost” (2023), one of the most best Neflix productions this year. 

Directed by Indra Gunawan and starring Onadio Leonardo as Kresna, this latest Netflix celluloid venture is a success with its unique ghost-themed presentation. 

An action-packed drama, “Hello Ghost” (2023), became a hit due to the portrayal of the very sensitive subject of suicide and suicidal thoughts in a different manner altogether, adding a comedic touch to it. 

The plot has freshness. Your inquisitiveness to know what happens next remains present almost throughout the entire story as the plot unfolds itself since the failed suicide attempt of Kresna. Onadio Leonardo played very naturally in his role as Kresna. 

But the four ghosts, all very interesting in their own right, keep the audience glued to the chair due to their hilarious moves and a very strange demand that Kresna must marry Nurse Linda. Enzy Storia has fully justified her role as Nurse Linda. Playing the role was as difficult and demanding as that of Onadio Leonardo (Kresna). 

The turns and twists of “Hello Ghost” (2023) keep the curiosity of viewers maintained throughout the movie, though it was a bit sluggish initially. But the speed picked up gradually. 

Here, Nurse Linda needs a little introduction! 

Who is Nurse Linda? 

Nurse Linda is a key character in this Netflix production. It is more so as the four very interesting ghosts would never leave Kresna unless he agrees to marry Nurse Linda. 

Though Kresna is the lead character, the four cute ghosts also occupy important places in the story. Now it is time to introduce these four ghosts. 

Let us first introduce an old ghost, Kuatno, who has wandering eyes. As a friendly ghost, he is very interesting. Indro Warkop did full justice to his role as ghost Kuatno. Second comes Bima, a ghost who loves to always smoke. Before his afterlife began, he was a minibus driver. 

Bima’s role has been played by Tora Sudiro, often adding a hilarious touch to the film. The third ghost, Lita, would cry and roll tears at the first opportunity given to her. Melancholy mostly surrounds this female ghost character. Her role has been played by Hesti Purwadinata. She beautifully depicted her role as an ever-crying character. 

Chika, a small ghost, has a special liking for roller skaters. Ciara Nadine Brosnan played the role of Chika. This group of ghosts has only one demand: Kresna must marry Linda if he wants to get rid of them. Suffering from loneliness and admitted to a hospital for his failure to end his life, Kresna appears to be utterly helpless before the persisting demand of the four ghosts. 

What is more, the group of four ghosts would always be around him, never letting him have time to brood over his loneliness and feel that life is nothing but full of emptiness. These four lovely ghosts always want him to make merry, marry Linda, and lead a happy life. 

Always attentive as she is, Nurse Linda was inducted with the responsibility of looking after Kresna after the government officials rescued him from his suicide attempt and brought him to a hospital. Working in that hospital, Nurse Linda does all that to cure Kresna. It is here where a love twist takes place. 

Kresna discovers that he loves her. 

Kresna, the Loner, Gripped by Suicidal Tendencies 

During its 114-minute runtime, “Hello Ghost” (2023) revolves around the critical issue of mental depression caused by loneliness, and this depression finally causes psychic problems leading someone to end life. 

Kresna, the main protagonist of this mental depression scenario common to all parts of the world, is a single man on the earth. He has no near and dear ones. This is quite natural, as all his family members died in a crash. This had happened when Kresna was a little child. On growing up, he finds that he has no family and has no near and dear ones. There is no living soul whom he can call his own. 

This creates a massive mental turmoil. He starts suffering from depression, and the swings of depression led him to make several attempts to die. But he survives all his suicidal attempts. His last suicide attempt led the government officials to bring him to a hospital under the care of Nurse Linda. 

Arrival of Four Ghosts in His Life 

When Kresna woke up in the hospital bed after being medically treated and cared for by Nurse Linda, he suddenly finds that he can see some unearthly figures: ghosts. There were four ghosts of different age groups. There were both male and female ghosts. 

These ghosts would never let him stay alone. They will always be near him. This irked him, at times. But even after rebuking the ghosts, they will not vanish, rather stay around him. 

What do they want? 

It is here where the story takes a new twist. This twist is quite interesting and the audience would really like it. 

Each of the four ghosts has some personal demands. The old ghost Kuatno wants his lost radio while Bima, the middle-aged ghost, wants Kresna to find his minivan. Bima wants Kresna to take him for a drive with his lost minivan. 

Lita, the middle-aged ghost, wants to do some shopping and have a meal at a restaurant. She wants Kresna to come along with her. Chika is pressing Kresna to take her to skating and have cotton candy. 

You find it very interesting what happens next. Kresna fulfills the wishes of all the four ghosts. Now, they are happy! It also gives happiness to Kresna. Now, the ghosts make a special demand: Kresna must marry Nurse Linda. Kresna, after initial resistance, discovers that he loves her. Finally, they marry. 

Identity of the Ghost Surprises You 

It is suspense about the identity of the four ghosts that kept the audience glued to their seats. Here, we find the success of “Hello Ghost” (2023). 

At the point of climax, the audience comes to know that the four ghosts were none other than his own direct relatives. Kuatno is his grandfather while Bima is his father. His mother is Lita and his sister Chika. 

In Conclusion

The sequence leading to the divulgence of identity is full of suspense. When Kresna asks his mother why she did not tell her identity, she replies: we wanted you to find out the truth. 

Kresna is no more depressed. He is not having any suicidal tendency now. He is happy! The story of this Indonesian celluloid venture is written by Alim Audio and Kim Young Tak. It is a successful movie.

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