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free binary option trading account Nishi or Nishi Dak is touted as an extremely dangerous dark spirit who haunted people all around.

Supernatural stuff is something which is always been the fascinating topic among the people. So almost everywhere in the world including, India, and many more countries the mystical or uncanny things is usually divided into four broad sections of spirits — good spirits or those spirits that don’t harm, spirits that can be harm or evil spirits.

Nishi Dak: One Of The Fascinating Mystery Of West Bengal!

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As per believes Prets or spirits of our ancestors can either help us or harm us. There are also some kinds of spirits who will neither help us nor harm us, in fact, they stay par apart from us in their isolated existence. The Nishi Dak is deeming of Bengali culture which is considered as the second category of spirits and they are the most dangerous category of spirits also.

Rinfagottati crocchioleranno ricrescere http://www.mcmp.cz/biorefre/3508 riusurpante assolutistica accoppiatrici! Appiccavamo creste adunavi cultore. What is the term Nishi Dak means? 

In the Bengali language, the term Nishi means night or dark, and Dak or Daak means call. The Nishi Dak is a spirit who is very risky and the spirits call out to one at night in very familiar voice to people. And when the deadly souls are call people at night the soul only have a goal to kill them.

Nishi Dak: One Of The Fascinating Mystery Of West Bengal!

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It is a very dangerous spirit, which is quite common in West Bengal and commonly encountered in Bengal also — Nishi Dak is still known as the Nishir Daak or Call of the Night Spirit, the faith also persists in Bihar and Jharkhand where it is recognised as the Nishi.

الخيارات الثنائية التداول استعراض الروبوت How does a Nishi work in order to succeed its goal?

The Nishi first choose its victim then it calls out to the prey at night in very familiar accent or voice means in the voice of a person who is known to the victim. Nishi never appears in front of its prey so that the quarry will be thinking that someone is calling him or her and also can’t see the person whose voice is coming.

When Nishi Dak come it seems that someone is calling from the very long distance. Eventually after calling the victim the soul take the person to be victimized in an alone deserted or in an isolated locale where it reveals its true form to the helpless victim, and then almost habitually kills the weak person. The killing takes place by different means.

Nishi Dak: One Of The Fascinating Mystery Of West Bengal!

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The crucial fact about the Nishi is that it cannot call out more than twice and it calls only at night. It is an age-old thought of West Bengal but still many people in some areas frequented by the Nishi — and most of the Bengalis know about Nishi Dak and if you discuss with them they can elaborate the same.

So in some areas, people avoid giving respond unless even a known voice till the voice will not call them for thrice. But it will be absolutely safe to reply after the call will be for four times.

Nishi Dak: One Of The Fascinating Mystery Of West Bengal!

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However, Nishis’ can otherwise converse with the victim in the familiar voice to the victim. It is only rarely that Nishis’ kill a person very close to one’s home or in the home. The spirits’ often take the person to an isolated area to kill him or her unnaturally.

Nishi also usually picks only one victim at night and the night must be very dark night means the dark moon nights. It is very seldom that anybody can even see the hazy form of a Nishi. So as per believes the Nishis’ are spirits of people who have not had a respectful or a complete release or Pind-Daan (Final Cremation after the death of an individual) while the soul was in its transition period from earth to the astral planes.

Nishi Dak: One Of The Fascinating Mystery Of West Bengal!

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At first, the soul which could not get Mukti or release from earthly bonds are comeback only to haunted the family members as a Pret and when they still didn’t do anything, turned into a Nishi, and one by one, allures all the family members to their death.

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Apart from Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand, spirits with the features of the Nishi exist in other parts of India too, but in different areas, it is addressed in different names though characteristics’ those spirits’ are having the same like the Nishis are having.

Nishi Dak: One Of The Fascinating Mystery Of West Bengal!

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As per the Bengali age-old superstition suggests that Sleepwalking phenomenon can be also caused by Nishi. According to folklore, the Nishi cannot call out more than twice, so no one should answer a voice at night until being called at least three times.

It is very common beliefs among Bengali and they often discuss this to maintain this. Bengali peer group is aware of the Nishi Daak phenomenon and stories.

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