Weekend Special: Love That Wasn’t Meant To Be – 2 Poems

Poem #1

The day I saw her,

I forgot everything else,

She was so perfect and sweet,

From her hair to feet.

And from her nose, fingers to nails.

Shy and demure,

The love reflected in her eyes,

was so honest and pure!

Her lips were small,

Her smile was awesome,

As much as my heart could recall…

Her cheeks looked like a plum!

I gazed at her eyes,

And, my heart almost stopped…

when she greeted me HI!

When I looked into her face,

I couldn’t think of anything else,

She looked as cute as always.

I loved her so immensely,

Yes, I liked her- too romantically.

I was mad for this girl,

To me, she was the most priceless pearl.

She was a real-life fairy,

Beautiful and rare,

The one who I did always love and care.

She was so small,

Just like an angelic doll.

I do still love this lass,

We do steal glances!

Just a couple of months ago,

I did let her go!

She didn’t love me,

She didn’t understand my feelings.

She already has a fiance,

Who she wholeheartedly wants!

I can’t forget her,

She was my first love,

and she captivated my heart forever.

I hope, someday, I too will move on,

And, I won’t let her rekindle my feelings — off & on!

Poem #2

Love is a poison,

A source of jealousy, fight & tension.

I disclosed how much…

I love her — too much!

She felt good,

Thanked me for that,

Her kind heart,

Reflects her soft persona & womanhood.

I have feelings plenty,

For this girl- small, sweet & dainty,

Every time we spoke,

My heart almost choked.

Whenever she looked into my eyes,

I was surprised,

How she looked so angelic and nice?

Yes, I was biased.

Finally, I mustered some courage,

And I did let my heart fly,

Freed from the societal cage.

I Took her hand,

And, then I bowed down,

I wished for a magic wand…

Image source: Pexels


Still, I proposed her with a ring & cap,

On my face, I got a tight slap!

Nodding her head,

She said…

“I’m already someone else’s bride!”

I didn’t tell you this truth,

As I never wanted you to taste this bitter fruit.

With my heart being disowned,

I was mercilessly & emotionally stoned.

I wished if I could ever get back that woman,!

In a cobweb of impossibility,

My imagination ran and ran.

(Contributed By Atish Home Chowdhury)

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