Who viewed my Facebook profile: How to see who viewed your Facebook profile recently?

Who viewed my Facebook profile: How to see who viewed your Facebook profile recently?

If you are a user of Facebook, it is quite natural that you turn curious to know who viewed your profile on this social media platform.

Your concern regarding the visit of your account also becomes important in view of growing cases of stalking. Due to this reason you may like to know if any stalker has visited your profile.

Facebook does not allow you to know who viewed your profile due to the factor of corporate data privacy. This makes it very difficult to know who viewed your profile recently.

This is more so as Facebook does not send any notice or alert to you regarding who viewed your profile. Besides, Facebook does not have a feature that allows you to know who viewed your posts. This further makes the situation complex for you.

To know the reason why Facebook does not permit divulgence    of an entity’s identity, you have to understand the policies of this social media platform. Facebook does this to keep information safe and to ensure privacy of users of this social media platform. Possibly, Facebook makes access to who visited your profile emanates out of the following two reasons:

Divulgence of persons who visited your profile might cause harassment at personal level or stalking

Ensure Facebook users remain safe from prying and their personal identity is protected. 

How to see who viewed your Facebook profile recently?

You cannot get any direct way to find out who visited your profile. But tere are certain ways by which you can know who recently visited your profile. We are explaining below five methods to enable you know who visited your Facebook profile recently (though they are not full-proof):

Like Posts Tell Who Visited Your Profile: Often some visitors Like your posts. Those who Liked your post may have looked at your profile as well. If create Posts regularly, they will be viewed by people taking interest in such writings and may comment on your posts. Such comments by people might be the section that visited your profile. It is quite natural as the persons liking your Posts will be interested to know about you. They might be the viewers of your profile.

People You May Know List: In this social media platform, there are many people who may know you. It is quite natural that they might be interested to visit your profile to know your latest location and activities you are engaged in. Your group members may also be the ones who visited your profile recently (being curious to know about your whereabouts and activities). In this list, you know the persons who might have been your friends, associates or office colleagues. They are the ones who might be close to you or are still close to you. It is a human instinct that those who know you are always interested about knowing your latest situation.

People You Interact Most on Facebook: There is a great possibility that the persons with whom you interact on this social media platform may be the ones who recently viewed your profile or account. You might be on chat with them or interacting with them regularly or liking posts submitted by them. Though there is no surety that they visited your profile, it is quite likely that they would like to see your profile since they are interacting with your for quite some time. It is a natural curiosity that those who are interacting with you and that too frequently would be interested to know your, your background, profession, age, sex and all other details.

You May Perhaps Use iOS Method: It is claimed in 2023 that by third-party means (using iOS), you can know who visited you recently. But you can get this benefit only if you are using iOS devices. This method entails that you open Facebook App on your iPhone, access the main drop-down menu, go to Privacy Shortcuts and click who viewed my profile. This method allows you to find out the people who visited your profile. But this system is yet to gain popularity. We are yet to with full conformity if this iOS system if actually revealing who viewed your profile or not.

Desktop Method: There is another way you may find out who visited your profile recently.  To try this method, you can use a browser like Google Chrome or any other desktop browser to first go to Log in your account and then access your profile page by clicking your name in the upper corner of the page. After this, you have to Right-click anywhere on the page. When the page opens, select View Page Source or use the keyword shortcut Ctrl + U (or Command + F on Mac) and in the newly opened page with HTML text and Code, begin your search with Ctrl + F (or Command + F on Mac. Now you have to paste the provided codes into the search bar. When you do this, you will find a series of numbers and each number is followed by by “-2.” Ignore this and select a 15-digit number to copy and then paste it into you’re the address bar of your browser by following a specific format which is: www.facebook.com / (Profile ID here). Now you have to press the enter button. On doing so, you can find the persons who visited your profile.

These are the methods that you can employ to find out who recently visited profile. But you must note that they are not full-proof as Facebook’s in-built technology makes it difficult to make known the persons who visited your profile. However, you can try if you are extremely curious to know who are interested in knowing your background and profile.


Some vendors claim they have developed Apps that allows you to know who visited your profile. But efficacy of such Apps comes under the cloud of doubt as Facebook’s in-built mechanism is such that it makes it almost impossible or rather, very difficult to know who viewed your profile. In most cases, a large number of such Apps don’t really tell you who visited your profile on Facebook.

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