What Is Reincarnation? My Theory About This Unbelievable Concept

We don’t know yet properly, is there is any truth in the word reincarnation or the question called “what is reincarnation”? Though, in this story, we will explore the Reincarnation event and narration.

Once in a dense forest, a school going girl was moving out. Due to it was her summer vacation, so she decides to spend her days, in exploring the jungle of her neighborhood village.

She was a Princess, I mean her name was Princess, and she was 14 years old girl, but somehow, from her childhood days, jungle or the forest areas used to fascinate her.

She shared her feelings but her parents did not show their much bother to it as they thought, Princess is a tender girl and it is quite possible that jungle or dense forest can fascinate her.

One day, it was a same sunny day, and it was also summer vacation of Princess when she went to the jungle but she feels something uncanny there in the jungle and it was also dense forest which was making her scared too.

In one hand, the beautiful girl Princess used to think that she has some uncanny kinds of connection with the dense and impenetrable forest, on the other hand, she used to feel haunted when she visited the jungle area which was obviously very isolated and secluded from her village.

But jungle, forest, nature, these all things used to fascinated her also for which she used to visit those jungle areas to find out the reason why she feels some kind of connection with dense jungle and forest.

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In the meantime, She used to scared from wind, storm, and cold and strong breeze, on the other hand also, which used to make her parents tensed as for being a villager, it is quite common to witness these all things.

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Now it is really yet to know why after all being a village girl, Princess is scared of air, cold and strong breeze, storm and all? Now it was 21st June, means birthday of Princess, and her poor parents managed to celebrate and observe her birthday, however, Princess was from a poor family still, she was very happy as her parents love her a lot.

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But who knows the birthday’s happiness will turn into a nightmare, as after her birthday party, when after the birthday party of Princess, she falls asleep in the night and her parents also got sleep in the other room.

Now at 1:30 AM suddenly, Princess got scared while sleeping which is also compels her to scream loudly at midnight. Her parents also rush and arrived now at the Princess’s room, it was Princess’s scream which makes her parents awake anyway.

After Princess’s parents come to her, the duo asked her, “What happen?”

Why did she scream so loudly in the night when she was sleeping?

The Timid girl, Princess, with her trembling voice, give reply to her parents that it was she saw a scary dream.

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Her parents look shocked and stunned and asked the poor girl, scary dream? What kind of dream it was? Princess’s mom looks wonder and her dad looked worried!!

Now the timid girl explains to her that she saw a bad dream, I mean a nightmare. Her parents asked her what kind of dream it was which makes their adorable daughter so much afraid?

When her parents asked her, what kind of dream it was? And Princess said that she saw a dream that she is dying in a deadly storm which takes place in an unknown place, not in her own village.

Parents of the Princes were shocked to the scary face of her and also wonder why she saw these kinds of a dream? Princess’s mother just holds her tightly and tries to consoles her, which make her mother and Princess both sentimental and Princess’s dad also looked worried for her.

Now the next day it was a normal day when Princess’s mother prepared cake for her because of her last night dream, so that she can be happy and it is the whole day, Princess enjoy a lot with her both mom and dad and in the night after they did their dinner, Princess got to sleep in her room.

But on that night also she saw the same dream, which compels her to scream and cry which again makes her parents tensed.

Next day it was Princess’s parents take her to doctor and doctor said that she is completely fine and he also said that her dream or scary dreams are may be a result of her imagination or something.

But suddenly, while coming to the home, Princess started narrating her story that it was in her last life she died because of a deadly storm. Princess’s mom and dad are shocked to know that their daughter is speaking about her past life which is showing that it is her reincarnation!!

Princess now narrates to her parents her last life story which she can remember now properly and she also gets remember all things and facts of her past life. Her parents are now shocked to see these all and now Princess narrated to her mom and dad about her last life.

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She said in her last life her name was Jennifer, and she was from a big city. Now she further said that Jenifer was a college-going girl and she was a very bright student. Jennifer was a good girl and her friends and family used to love her.

But it was a fateful night of 3rd August when she was coming back from her tuition classes. It was around 7:77 PM, suddenly, a storm takes place and it was a deadly storm. And the deadly storm comes which is also take Jenifer’s life as when Jenifer tried to save her life by running towards her home, a tree falls in her body which is make her injured and killed her.

It was not only Jenifer died, but it was also her dream, her aspiration and her inspiration die. So due to it was the untimely death of the Jenifer and tragic death, so Jenifer’s soul did not die and she again takes birth as a girl in the form of Princess.

And now Jennifer again comeback as Princess to make her dream come true and to make her dream full filled to complete her education. This story of Jenifer, break her mom and dad’s hearts and also brought tears in their eyes.

Princess also became stunned to know about her last life and look after her parents.

And really we don’t have scientifically, exact proves of the word or the theory called, Reincarnation, though, so many stories and narration we find some stories which are associated and connected with its called Reincarnation.

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In our epics like Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita, and Ramayana, the account of the Reincarnation has been mentioned anyway.

So really this one is a very strange and unsolved mystery the word and theory called reincarnation and no scientifically proves still now available for the same.

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