Kanchana 3: I’m Going To Watch The Raghava Lawrence Next Film First Day First Show

I think the upcoming Tamil language movie, Kanchana 3, shall be a blockbuster movie of the year, like the way, its earlier season did.

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As we all know, the upcoming Tamil movie, Kanchana 3, is the fourth installment of the successful movie series, called Muni Series, followed by earlier, Kanchana and Kanchana 2, was released which was also a massive commercially successful movie.

I’m just big fan of the Kollywood drama, #Kanchana, movie series, and I also watched earlier series of the upcoming Tamil language film, #Kanchana3, like, #Kanchana and #Kanchana2, and I’m equally, excited for the forthcoming Kollywood movie, #Kanchana3.

Kanchana 3: I’m Going To Watch The Raghava Lawrence Next Film First Day First Show


The upcoming movie, of the Kollywood, which is also touted as one of the most awaited and much-anticipated movie of the year, features, the choreographer turn, actor and director of the South Indian cinema, the multi-talented Raghava Lawrence, and indeed, he was also as an actor, part of the above mentioned flick’s earlier seasons and I liked him in those series anyway, so I assume and I think, in this franchise #Kanchana3 of the 2019, he is also going to delivers a good job and show stealing anyway.

Alongside, playing lead role, in the movie, #Kanchana3, it is the leading man and the actor director of the South Indian movie, Raghava Lawrence, is also directing the flick, and I’m literally, excited to see his direction as I liked his direction and acting both in the earlier franchise of the above mentioned movie.

beside, the South Indian luminary, Raghava Lawrence, is playing main lead in the upcoming Tamil language movie, #Kanchana3, it is, the South Indian actress, which is includes, Oviya and Vedhika, are playing female lead in the film.

Kanchana 3, is well, upcoming much expected horror comedy of the actor, earlier, he was seen in, the another horror comedy movie in the Kollywood, Shivalinga, and he delivered good job and performances in the film, Shivalinga, also, at least, I liked him there, so expectation from the upcoming film, Kanchana 3, is obviously, huge and I think, this time also, the multi-talented luminary, Raghava Lawrence shall steal the show.

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