Purani Haveli: Movie Review & Details Analyze

Well, last night I watched the Bollywood movie, Purani Haveli, and it was after a long time, I watched this movie. I think, the Hindi movie, Purani Haveli, which is an indeed, old movie, is one of the better and good adventurous movies of that period.

5 Cult Classic Directed By Tulsi Ramsay, One Of The Siblings From The Ramsay Brothers

The Bollywood movie, Purani Haveli, is also enough to give us some adventurous and scary goals, without a doubt. No wonder, this is perhaps, 5th or 6th time, I watched this Hindi movie, as I like this movie truly and also find it entertaining.

When I see this movie, Purani Haveli, on the silver screen, it also gives us some nostalgic goals and memories, which is also getting the limelight.

Anyway, let me discuss, something, that the Bollywood movie, Purani Haveli, which is considered and regarded as one of the most cult classic movies, is touted as a ghostly and horror genre movie. Perhaps, I like the Hindi movie, Purani Haveli, as on the other side, also I loved and cherished, horror niche movie, so I got connected, with this horror movie, Purani Haveli.

While, it is also the Spooky niche movie, Purani Haveli, is also believe and counted as one of the best and commercially successful, movie of the Ramsay Brothers, followed by one of the super hit horror movies, by the Ramsay Brothers, Veerana.

Nostalgic information and memories

Well, the Bollywood cult classic horror movie, Purani Haveli, was released, on the 14th April 1989, worldwide. Well, the movie, Purani Haveli, features, the Bollywood actors, Deepak Parashar, Amita Nangia, Neelam Mehra, and so on, in the lead roles.

The direction of the movie, is done by the famous and the popular filmmaker of the B-Town, Shyam Ramsay and Tulsi Ramsay, and the bankrolled of the movie is done by, the filmmaker, Gangu Ramsay, and story of the movie is penned, by the scriptwriter of the tinsel town, J. K. Ahuja and Arjun Ramsay.

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