Loafers for Women: The Past Meets Present with a Swag

Loafers for Women is a matter of history as women had been using it since time immemorial. In fact, covering the foot with sophistication and elegance mixed into one had been the tradition of all ancient civilizations be it Egyptian, Roman or Grecian.

New arrivals in loafers for women include a wide range of classy footwear for women that are casual, comfortable yet elegant and classic. Interestingly, the footwear that those ancient women wore resembled today’s loafers for Women.


The Victoria and Albert Museum of London has a collection of 2,000 pairs of very rare shoes for the women dating back to 3000 years. It also has ancient loafers for Women which does not differ much from the present ones in style and pattern. This shows that the tradition of loafers continued as women in all ages liked it as an all-weather and all-dresses matching shoe.

Loafers for Women Gaining Popularity

The history proves that since 1830, the loafers that women wear today has not changed much in style and pattern. There was a time of the Industrial Revolution in England where women went to work in factories and offices in large numbers. It was at that juncture when the easy-to-wear yet elegant loafers became very popular in England gradually spreading all across Europe and beyond.


In India too, loafers had been commanding massive popularity since 1850. And the trend continues as you just cannot imagine women’s footwear-fashion without loafers available in sundry colours.

For the Love of Loafers

Marilyn Monroe, the most famous actress of Hollywood and top-notch fashion icon of yesteryears, once said: “Give a girl the right pair of shoes, she can conquer the world.” She was right in a way as the personality and exquisiteness of a woman depends greatly on the matching shoes she wears. The best way a woman is left with, to match her apparel’s colour, is a loafer.

Yes! Loafers for Women are available in manifold colours and a fashion-conscious woman can buy loafers of many colours to match the different dresses that she owns. They cannot enjoy this facility with other types of footwear for women. The biggest advantage of loafers is that it is all-occasion footwear.

It is fashion footwear, casual shoe style and dress shoe fashion. The dress loafers that you can wear without socks today is an integral part of international fashion and gained maximum popularity among the office-going women.

Loafers for Women: Most Preferred Fashion-wear of Celebrities

Cutting across age-barrier, the celebrities belonging to different fields including the film-world now are wearing loafers. Whether it is Jennifer Aniston, Gayle King or Kathryn Newton of the Western World or our Desi Bollywood divas like Anushka Sharma, Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone or Kareena Kapoor, loafers have become an integral part of their fashion wear.


They are blending their fashion with casual foot-wear. In fact, they are pairing loafers with clothes to give a modern-trendy look with jeans, traditional salwar-kameez or all-time precious Saree.

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