Intriguing Story Of That Rainy Night

Intriguing Story Of That Rainy Night

It was a dark rainy night when a lustful man Jack, got captured in the beauty of a beautiful woman Eva.

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It was Eva alone in the road and she was going somewhere, due to the fact, she was alone in the road, so she was also feeling scared and she was looking for a life technically.

Co-incidentally, Jack was also going from the same road and it was Eva’s beauty which got Jack’s attention. Now suddenly, Jack stops Eva in middle of her path and Jack was sitting in his lavish car, he asked Eva in this midnight where she is going and Eva said to him, she is coming back from a party.

Intriguing Story Of That Rainy Night

And she also adds that in this dark and rainy night, she is unable to find any car or taxi, she is looking for a lift. Now jack asked her that he can give her lift!

Actually, Jack was smitten by Eva’s beauty and when he offers her lift, Eva just accepted that and the seat in the car. Now Eva is showing Jack path and Jack is following the same. In the middle of the road, Jack tried to tease Eva, tried to flirt with her, but Eva did not reply him and she was constantly used to staring towards the road via the window of the car.

It was the time, when Jack tried to touch Eva inappropriately or you can say, he actually, tried to molest her, Eva, shows her real face, which was as scary as it can be. Before Jack could realize anything, a deadly accident took place and he died on the spot.

Next day, in an investigation of police, it is revealed that it was an isolated jungle area of a city, (Name has not been revealed here), where on the date of August rainy night often accident take place in which pretty common to see travelers die because of the mishap.

Actually, as per some reported story, one night on the dark rainy night, one girl named Eva was coming back from a party, and she was lost her way. She was looking for some lift so that she can go to her home but unable to find anyone and then a lustful man gave her lift, though, back then it was not revealed that he is lustful.

Eva was an innocent soul and due to she was looking for a lift, she just seats in the car without thinking about anything or even thinking of the consequences.

In the middle of the road, the above mentioned lustful man, instead of taking her to her destination, he just raped her and when Eva, revolted, he was just beat her mercilessly, and after he was done, he throws, Eva, out of the moving car, in the same place, coincidentally, where most of the deadly mishap takes place.

Eva then died on the spot, and it was very painful death as she faced so much of the atrocities’, before her demised. Maybe it is Eva’s vengeful spirit who is responsible for each accident of the place as most men get the victim of the same and most men also died in the Accidents of that area.

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It is also strange and interesting to know after 6 months of Eva’s death, it was the lustful man also get died in the same place after his car met with a deadly accident.

Maybe it is Eva’s soul who gets developed a hatred for men after her brutal rape and murder and it is in the same place her spirit lives who make every man her victim who tries to molest her for the second time.

Disclaimer: This article is only created for your entertainment. It has nothing to do with reality, it is a fictional story created and written by the writer.

We don’t believes in ghost or any superstition and we are either not promoting it.

And we will suggest that you should not also believe in ghost or any kinds of superstition.

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