An Exclusive Interview With Nihar Ranjan

When visionary Nihar Ranjan decided to step into the world of ecommerce and digital marketing, the competitions were fierce. The competition, is, huge even now, but then Nihar Ranjan decided to cross the turbulent waves of difficulties and hardship of floating a start up or digital shopping store. However, he successfully overcame all odds.

Entrepreneurship is always a journey with an unknown destination and who knows it better than Nihar Ranjan. Initially, everything was difficult but Nihar Ranjan fought everything quite bravely to accomplish what he is today. Today, his company FlashDeal is a reputed and well known firm across India.

Nihar Ranjan Flashdeal

In an Exclusive Interview with TheCheckerNews, The FlashDeal CEO Nihar Ranjan discusses several things and including his entrepreneruship journey.

Here are the excerpts

How was your entrepreneurship Journey when you first decided to enter into this field.

I have been in this line since last two years, it was really very tough in the initial days of this venture.

How did the idea of conceiving a start up come to your mind, and who were the people helped you most during those tough days?

The idea conceived with market gap which with Food panda, only app food delivery app available at that point of time.

Briefly Describe AboutFlashdeal E-commerce and How does it differ from other online stores?

It’s a hyperlocal ecommerce mobile app, its major two competitors are Little and NearBY but our target audience are quite different.

You have worked with several renowned firms in the past. How was your experience working with them?

They are good and I learned a lot of things which finally helped me to develop this product.

Which life you enjoy most. As an employee or entrepreneur and why?

Obiviously as an Entrepreneur as it provides huge freedom to take correct decision to follow your heart.

In the context of Gen Next, many youths are accepting the challenges of entrepreneurship despite knowing the “uncertainty of income” associated to it. How do you view it? Is it okay to being one’s own boss at a tender age of around 20-25 age group?

No. I feel people should at least work for a decade before taking this huge risk.

What are the current products and service that your company deals in?

It deals with hyperlocal ecommerce products like food delivery, spa services, etc.

What is the future of online business and ecommerce in India in the next few years? Is it reaching a stagnant point or lots more avenues will open up soon?

Lots of new Avenues will open up soon and its not going toward stagnation.

How is the quality of life in Bhubaneshwar differs from other Metropolitan cities say New Delhi or Mumbai or Bangalore?

It is Cat B city and life is good but advantage is the over heads costs are low unlike metro cities.

Do you love to travel? Which are the destinations that you wish to visit in the near future?

Yes I love to travel and I wish to visit Las Vegas one day.

What are the current job opportunities available in your company or what type of future job opportunities can the youth expect at Flash Deal Company?

There are a lot of jobs which to come up like Android developers and Sales Managers to promote the concept.

What are the key points that you evaluate while recruiting new staffs at your organization?

I ensure the person is not joining only for the sake of hike in salary and he should have a positive attitude.

What is your philosophy of life?

If you can’t a find good company to work for, build one.!! And work in silence and let success make all the noise.

Finally, How do you rate India’s current investment climate. Is it favorable to investors or lots need to be done in this aspect? Explain.

Its still not proper destination for statUp as raising funds is a major issue which all startUp face.

Thank you very much for this exclusive interview. It was wonderful talking to such a visionary and far sighted Entrepreneur. 

Team CheckerNews Wishes Nihar Ranjan all the best in his future endeavor.

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We also wish a huge success to FlashDeal as well in the coming days.

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