The Barmuda Triangle: When Will the Mystery Be Solved?

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle continues. It is believed that anyone who visits the place gets disappeared. The first article about this subject was written by Vincent Gaddis in 1964. He mentioned that there three vertices are in Miami.

Florida peninsula in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and in the mid-Atlantic island of Barmuda. But writers did admit this. Some writers give different views about Bermuda. It is noticed that some accidents occur in Bermuda. The United States Board on Geographical names does not recognize this name, and it is delimited in any map drawn by US government agencies.

This area witness heavy traveled shipping lanes in the world. Actually, the Bermuda Triangle has a link with America, Europe, and Caribbean Island. It is also a heavily flown route for Commercial and Private aircraft heading towards Florida, the Caribbean and South America from points north.

According to reports we loss thousand of lives here. It is a proven fact that those who visit this place called Bermuda Triangle they lose their life. But they not died because the dead body has not been founded. They are disappearing. Strange but fact that those who visit Bermuda they never have been back.

The Bermuda Triangle: When Will the Mystery Be Solved?

First, the unusual disappearance of people notice when an article was published in the Miami Herald on September 17, 1950. 2 years later Fate magazine says that ‘Sea Mystery at Back door’. This short article mention loss of several planes, ships, and flight.  Group of 5 people went to research about Bermuda but they disappear.

Author Allan W Eckert wrote that the flight leader heard been saying .” We are entering white water, nothing seems right”.

Nobody is aware of how the Bermuda Triangle is because no living being can visit that place. It can’t imagine how the Bermuda Triangle look: We don’t know the water is green, no white.’

Some writers wrote that officials at the navy board of inquiry stated that the planes “flew off to Mars” Sands article was the first to suggest a supernatural element to the 19 incident. In the February 1964 issues of Argosy. Vincent Gaddis article “The Deadly Triangle “ argued Flight 19 and other disappearances were part of a pattern of a strange event in the region. Gaddis also wrote a book about the Bermuda Triangle. Book is called Invisible Horizon.

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Even in some book, it is shown that the Bermuda Triangle has some mystery. Books like The  Bermuda Triangle of 1974 written by author Charles Berlitz or the other book like The Devils Triangle of 1974 written by author Richard Winer unveil the mystery of Bermuda Triangle. This is totally a supernatural kind of stuff.

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Bermuda Triangle
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Bermuda Triangle is the best-selling book of 1974 which was very popular and book mention how ships and airplanes used to disappear from the Bermuda site. The book was published in 30 languages. IT is total natural phenomena it is the reason for the destruction of Atlantis.

Some people criticized the book and say the triangle is not as such dangerous than any other piece of ocean.

Berlitz explains this in his book. He wrote this book because he wanted to know why customers are not allowed to visit the region called the Bermuda Triangle.

It is really a strange thing that why ships and plains used to disappear from the place no one is able to solve this whether there is some alien or some problem or unusual weather which compel things to disappear nobody is able to reply why this thing is happening.

The number of ships and aircrafts used to miss was not significant proportionally speaking than any other part of the ocean.

A place is actually a tropical place.

The scientists or people who give views about the Bermuda they are not clear rather contradictory.

In the Bermuda triangle, it has been noticed that:-

The number of ships and aircraft reported missing especially in this area, not in other areas.

Often tropical storms witness here.

It is a mysterious place.

It is observed that may be storm is the reason for the disappearance. One plane crash took place in 1937 off Dayton Beach Florida in front of hundred people. The legend of Bermuda triangle is a mystery it can be a misconception, faulty reason or sensationalism. Nobody knows about it.

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