An Exclusive Interview With Young Athlete & Badminton Player Rohini Krishnan

An Exclusive Interview With Young Athlete & Badminton Player Rohini Krishnan

Rohini Krishnan or Krishna Reddy is a young Badminton player and aeronautical engineering aspirant. Recently, we invited him to share his thoughts on various issues with us. Even though he is too much busy with his career and academic life, yet he readily accepted our kind invitation.

We discussed a lot of things and wanted to know his perspective and personal opinions on several issues like motivation, failures, lockdown and much more. He answered all our questions candidly and we are really thankful to him for spending his time for this.

Here are the interview excerpts!

Welcome to TheCheckerNews. Com. How are you doing? Briefly introduce yourself.

Ans: Hello, I am Krishna Reddy commonly known as RK or rohini Krishnan, I am 17 years old athlete and student. I am studying 12th grade, I participated as an delegate of MODEL UNITED NATIONS for more than 13 times. I am a professional badminton player. And recently gaming had become my hobby, this helps me to teach students worldwide about my game and solve their problems. 

How has been your professional journey as an athlete so far? 

Ans: I started badminton 4 years ago, I was 72 kg and was hopeless that I cannot go into any sports platform, but suddenly my interest and coaches guidance made me believe that anything is possible. And then in span of three months I reduced to 58 kg and then started attempting my professional sports path.

I can say that sports is my passion but I am very serious that it is not any less than my profession. This brought me who I am and also it made me believe that people can do whatever they want but they need the correct guidance, so I started teaching and motivation people who comes near me with any type of problem. 

What is your ambition in life? Are you moving in that direction?

Ans: My ambition is to become an aeronautical engineer, it is the only goal for me. But when I joined in the fitness industry it made me so confident that I can achieve anything with correct path. There is no need to be focused only on one path you can do whatever you like but make sure all are connected to your goal. And never compromise in your principal and outmost ambition which is settled in your mind. Yes I am moving in the right direction by achieving my passion and linking it with the profession. 

What is your fitness mantra? How can we stay fit, healthy, and disease free?

Ans: My fitness mantra is working out till you and your body and inner Harmons satisfy, which means never quitting in middle until your goal is fulfilled. Try to always be as your best version, always challenge yourself and the results comes automatically. In my views everyone can stay fit, irrespective of age, gender or any other.

One thing should keep in mind is that never degrade yourself. We sports persons believe that everything is curable with exercise and self motivation. My suggestion is make fitness as an life style rather than making it as an regular work. Try to spend some time doing some cardio and other types of workouts such as yoga, CrossFit, brisk walking, jumping, meditating e.c.t. Then you can see yourself getting always better.

Can you kindly explain what is INTERNATIONAL MODEL UNITED NATIONS and how was your experience being its delegate?

Ans: INTERNATIONAL MODEL UNITED NATIONS is an organization where people around the world participate in the model of UNITED NATIONS conference and discuss on various committees and form an collective resolution and send it to official UNITED NATIONS. If yours is selected you will be called there to the official UN head quarters and you will be asked to present it there.

My experience as delegate is quite amazing, because we connect to more that 600 delegates around the world and also it helps us to improve our diplomacy, speaking skills, and allows us to think in various criteria on an single topic. As we are representing an individual country there it allows us to support and debate on our own country, this made me feel as an original diplomat and being self.

How did you keep yourself busy during the lockdown—last year and this year?

Ans: I kept busy myself by improving my badminton skills, and collecting information about fitness, studying human psychology, motivating people and counseling people around to solve their problems e.c.t and also I started my own page in QUORA website where I spend most of time by answering questions and posting badminton and fitness related stuff. 

Do you also love writing? How has been your journey being a professional Quoran?

Ans: Yes I had contributed for three book as an co-author, and these books are very successful nd also I like poetry where I spend some of my time in that. QUORA helped me by thinking and solving the problems of various people around. This journey is the best and very useful for me to improve hoe to deal with people of various languages, ideas, genders, their problems, and their suggestions e.c.t. And also this the best thing I am working on now-a-days.

How do you motivate yourself? What should one do if they go through failures?

Ans: I motivate myself by just thinking that I can do this next time. WE are humans we should go through failures in order to get better, if your self has gone through failures just keep in mid that today is not yours and there is always tomorrow. We see people takin life ending decisions for just small things, this is not correct.

If have no dare to take the failures, you have no right to get success.

— Rohini Krishnan —

So please kindly make your mind strong, and always remember only you have to sculpture yourself in order to look unique, never ever give your rights to others, If you give you have no right to blame them.

How can we accomplish success? Is there any shortcut to the same?

Ans: In my views success is nothing but self satisfaction, this can only be done by achieving your goals. Never ever compromise your goals and ambitions to other reasons, its better to die than living with compromising your whole life. If you feel anything is correct for you just go through it no need to ask any second opinion, if you start asking opinions remember this that is the day your development stops and you will become useless. So work hard and be strong on your own legs not on some others opinions. 

Who are your real-life role models and why?

Ans: My real life role models are MR. THAKUR ANOOP SINGH and MR. CRISTANO RONALDO. Because both are the persons who achieved their passion through their goals. Mostly Thakur ANOOP SINGH is a pilot who worked in USA for couple of years, his passion is acting and came back to INDIA and started acting in small television shows. He became very fat in one of the T.V shows and started body building as an hobby and final achieved 3 MR. WORLD title in 2019 in age of 25 years. HE inspires me a lot, where as MR. RONALDO inspires me for his unique game play and his hard work.

Finally, can you recall some difficult moments that you have successfully overcome in your life?

Ans: My most difficult moments are during my first years of badminton I am an heavy guy who is 73 kg weight in the age of 15. I thought of quitting this and doing some other things, but I thank my mother for inspiring me to not to leave this. Then I started waking early in the morning at 4:30 am irrespective of season and the started working out myself nd the result is you can see in my pictures. Finally all of you please do not compromise your dreams, either achieve it or try try until you succeed.

(Thank you so much, Rohini, for this fabulous interview. We hope our young readers have really enjoyed this interview and learned a lot about how to deal with adverse circumstances in life. Herewith, we wish you a glorious future ahead.)

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