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An Exclusive Interview with the Creative Genius Anirban Sarkar

An Exclusive Interview with Anirban Sarkar

Hardly, we come across people who are equally talented, multi-skilled and creative at the same time. Yes, Anirban Sarkar is one of them. He is in league of an extraordinary creative genius people.

Born in the “City of Joy, Kolkata” amidst the whirlwind of cultural and creative aura all around, Anirban chose a different path for himself in the volatile world of “literary and creative magic”. No doubt, now he has successfully established himself as a well-known figure in the realm of creativity across the world.

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The CheckerNews got an opportunity to interview the extremely talented and versatile Anirban Sarkar a recent while back to know the man, his ideals and works from close quarters.

Anirban Sarkar creative

Image source: Anirban Sarkar

Here are the excerpts: 

#1) What Prompted you to choose a career in “Creative art” when you already have a 1st class degree in B.Tech?

First of all, Art was never a career decision. From childhood, my world was with story books and camera. I guess, born to a middle class family in South Kolkata has a lot to do with it. From a very early age, I was in proximity of art films, classical music, a camera in hand, and great novels. So, as a child , the interest grew into practise, rather the favourite past time . B   tech was a hasty decision of a teenager, and that first class means nothing.

#2) You have worked in the social/ development sector in the past. Share your experience in brief about the work culture in Corporate and social sector. Do people have enough scope for promotion in development sector too?

The work culture is more or less same. The main difference is on what you are working on. Social sector gives a scope for a larger experience of the grass root. Though, monetarily, the difference is quite visible. I loved my stint with social sector, and working there had helped me to understand the society, the people , the country from a micro view.

Creative Anirban Sarkar

Image source: Anirban Sarkar

#3) You are immensely creative and versatile. What makes you so multi-talented at the same time?

I don’t know its actually the truth or not that am creative or versatile, but throughout, I have tried to learn ,most of the things, that interests me.I believe learning and practice is the best way to follow.

#4) Why didn’t you pursue a career in fine arts/ writing before doing B.Tech course?

Career is not such an easy issue in our country,I guess. Being from middle class background, honestly, that risk is too much to take.

#5) Mention your upcoming films/ projects and where and how can we see them.

Just finished my new short film KagojerNouko (Paper Boat), it will be screened at festivals. The distribution channel is not yet developed for independent projects. I will disclose more about it in due course of time.

Anirban Sarkar

Image source: Facebook/ Anirban Sarkar

#6) Explain something about Bengali culture. Many people are completely unaware of the rich legacy of Bengali culture apart from RabindraSangeet. What should the youth do to promote the same?

It’s a problem with the history of the region. We don’t know our local history. Rabindranath is huge, but Bengal’s cultural richness is much beyond that. Each of the districts have at least three to four local folk traditions. It’s strange, we are so unaware about geetgobindo or vidypatis work, one of the finest specimens of world literature. I would urge , the media sector to focus on forms like Chua, jhumur, raibenshe and others.

#7) Who is your real inspiration in life. Are you equally attracted to English literature as well?

Inspirations are Da Vinci and Ritwik Ghatak. I am very bad in English, but yes attracted. 

#8) Mumbai and Delhi NCR have grown immensely in comparison to Kolkata. Many say it is a dying city. How can you counter that?

Market ,definitely. But it’s  a hard comparison for me. I have lived in all three. Each has its pros and cons according to its culture. I am critical of all these cities. A bit more about Kolkata, as I love it the most.

#9) What is the one goal that you wish to achieve in life.

That, at least one of my work can provide the imagination to change.

#10) What would be your advice to candidates wish to earn a living by pursuing a career in fine arts or creative writing?

Think, before you implement. And prior to everything, hard practice to enhance the skill is the only options. There is no short cuts.

#11) Are you a travel freak? Which are your favorite travel destinations?

Definitely, oneofthesolereasonforworkingindocumentariesistheopportunitytotravel. FavouriteDestination, Uttarakhand.

#12) What is your favorite dish? Who are your favorite actress and actor.

Any kind of Mughlaidish. Actor Santosdutta, Anil Chattopadhyay and Actress Smita Patil.

Anirban Sarkar magic

Image source: Anirban Sarkar/ Facebook

#13) Do you still think Kolkata is a cultural capital of India or has it now lost all its cultural sheen and intellectualism due to over politicization of everything?

I never say Kolkata as a cultural capital of India. For me, it’s a slow paced city, which provides the opportunity, for the artist to grow and think. As answered in the first question, a child without any understanding is exposed to most forms of art at a very early age. And on that , political note, the art of Kolkata flourishes due to that politics only.

#14) Finally, who is your favorite painter and why?

Personally, I have learnt painting for about 12 years. There are great painters down the ages. But at this age, my personal favourite is Chittaprasad Bhattacharyya. His Hungry Bengal being the sole documentation of the famine of 40s. As a great man said, “art should be beautiful, but prior to that itmust be truthful”. Chitta prasad’s work taught me the essence of the statement.

Interview Anirban Sarkar

Image source; Anirban Sarkar

The CheckerNews wishes the Young Creative Genius Anirban Sarkar a Very Best in Life and Future Endeavors 🙂

(Interview Session Moderated by Atish Home Chowdhury)