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Halloween Special: 5 My Favorite Horror & Spooky Movie To Watch On This Ghostly Day

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Well, today is Halloween so this is the perfect day to watch some Horror Movies and today in this article I will specially discuss some Horror Movies which you should watch on this special day of Halloween to make your day and the Halloween special indeed.

Halloween Special: 5 My Favorite Horror & Spooky Movie To Watch On This Ghostly Day

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1). Purani Haveli

I think amongst all Horror Movies Purani Haveli is one of the best Horror Movies which is coming from the contemporary Hindi cinema, though, this Ramsay Brothers production famous and the popular film Purani Haveli was released on the era of the 1980s, still the Hindi movie Purani Haveli is such a fresh movie, which seems like a total brand new movie, and you will feel the same, if you watch this movie Purani Haveli, which will be surely going to make your extraordinary day Halloween special and the day is also dedicated to the all ghost of the world and the spooky things anyway.

2). The Exorcist

Well, the no spooky movie is as special as the Hollywood movie The Exorcist which is touted and regarded as one of the awesome Spine Chilling horror movies and a perfect and an ideal movie to watch on this Halloween with your friends.

3). Muni 2: Kanchana

I think on this Halloween the spooky movie Muni 2: Kanchana, is a perfect film to watch with our pals and mates, and it is a Kollywood movie, and indeed, I love Tamil language film so I will surely go for and also suggest all of you to go for the Tamil movie Muni 2: Kanchana, and to watch it on this spooky day Halloween.

4). The Omen

The Hollywood movie The Omen was released on the year of the 1970s era, still in spite of the fact, the English language movie The Omen is a perfect movie to watch on this Halloween to watch with your friends and the family literally, the movie will going to gives you some horror goals.

5). Veerana

The Horror movie Veerana is I think a must watch a movie on this Halloween and I will surely going to watch this one of the most eminent and popular Horror movie ever of the Bollywood Veerana, on this spooky day called Halloween.