When South Indian Cinemas Depict Women Empowerment

When South Indian Cinemas Depict Women Empowerment

When South Indian Cinema Depicts Women Empowerment:-

The Women Empowerment or the Women Power is something which is always showed in the South Indian cinema, from the back decades. And these days, from some years the Women Empowerment became very prevalent and trendy in the South Indian cinema, which includes Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada and Malayalam cinema.

As we all know that the South India Cinema is blessed with some super brilliant and gifted female actors, who perfectly blend in to both commercial and art house genre movies, and, those actresses also display the Women Empowerment, in most of their not only female centric movies, also in the male oriented movies.

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Women Empowerment
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When India is ready to celebrate Navratri or the Kaali Puja or the Diwali, and no need to mentioned that this festival is the epitome of “Shakti”. The mentioned article is all about some eminent actress of the South Indian cinema and their work.

When South Indian Cinema Depicts Women Empowerment

The “Shakti” is a kind of Power which can be the Women Empowerment or the Women Power.

In this article we will be talk about some women centric movies of the South Indian cinema.

Jaya Prada

The Bollywood yesteryear actress, Jayaprada was also a vital part of the Tollywood, Kollywood and South Indian cinema.

One of the few actors who can be the big star in Telugu and Hindi Cinema simultaneously and Jaya was that kind of actress. She proved her worth in both commercial and performance oriented movies, like Sagara Sangamam,  Siri Siri Muvva (1976), Seetha Kalyanam, Sanjog, Sangam and so on.


She showcased Women Empowerment in real life, no wonder, why she is considered and regarded as the first female superstar of the Bollywood, much before that, the term superstar was only tag with male actors.

The late actress marked her acting debut with the movie Moondru Mudichu and she never looked back.

The Tamil movie Moondram Pirai proved landmark film in Sridevi’s career, and she reprised her mentally challenged role in its Hindi remake, “Sadma” which showcased Women Empowerment and she indeed steals the show.


An elite actress Soundarya, she carried grace and charm on silver screen, so she turned to be one of the most graced and charming actress of the South Indian cinema of her time and her legacy is still going on.

She never promoted skin show; on her movies, instead she displays her talents and skills which make her priority of every director.

Anushka Shetty

Anushka Shetty is like a numero uno of the Telugu cinema, regarding doing female centric roles most of the time. Indeed, Anushka display her skills in more than couple of the women centric movies, like, Arundhuti, Rudramadevi, Bhaghmathi, Size Zero and Vaishnavi (Hindi Dubbed).


Ramya Krishnan

Ramya Krishnan acted in almost all Southern Indian language movies, which includes Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi. Ramya is also having 4 Filmfare Awards, and 3 Nandi Awards for being a powerhouse of acting.

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