Sunny Leone’s Name On Kolkata College Merit List. Interesting Facts & Hot Photos

Recently, Bollywood actress Sunny Leone’s name had mischievously came on top of Kolkata Colleges’ merit list. Not just once, but it happened twice or thrice! Though Sunny Leone never studied at any of the Kolkata’s Colleges, but it would be nice to some unknown facts about her before she entered Bollywood film industry!

In the initial days, things were difficult, but eventually Sunny Leone won against all odds and successfully carved a niche for herself in India’s film industry. As an outsider, and with no god father, she worked really hard to accomplish whatever she achieved in Bollywood.

In a successful voyage from Canada to Bollywood amid all the misconceived notions of being a ‘Porn Star’, Sunny Leone had accomplished the pinnacle of stardom in the Indian film industry just within a few years. And she made the above quote a reality now that a person having the right amount of self-confidence, courage and conviction, will certainly get the support of luck as well stands by her side.

Sunny is now not only making her presence felt in the big budget films but she has also elevated herself to a youth icon. No doubt, the 35-year-old actress has completely changed the perception of how people and viewers looked at actresses in movies.

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Especially, in a country like India where women face all sorts of atrocities and are often relegated to a status of a homemaker only, Sunny Leone’s massive popularity in Bollywood is an inspiring lesson for all of us. Credit for bringing Sunny Leone to mainstream movies goes to ace director Mahesh Bhatt who gave her a big break in the movie Jism 2 way back in 2012.

Decoding Sunny Leone: Independent, Honest, Bold and Courageous!
Image source Sunny Leone FB account

Sunny Leone now frequently shares a dais with top notch celebs at page 3 parties in the tinsel town. Sunny’s acceptability is increasing day by day in Bollywood and throughout India as well.

But some people are still restraining to change. Even a few days back a journo hurled a sexist question to the starlet. The actress was quick to answer in a dignified manner. Even social media and general public saluted the same. After this interview, actor Aamir Khan was asked if he was ready to work with the actress, and the superstar instantly nodded his head with a ‘Yes’.

Top 9 Facts of Sunny Leone You Don’t Know

1)Not many people know that Sunny Leone is a great artist. She is gifted with the talent to paint marvelously and in fact has 18 beautiful paintings to her credit.

2) Sunny Leone is an ardent supporter of animals and birds. She is a vociferous PETA activist and raises her voice on the welfare and ethical treatment to animals, pets and birds from time to time.

3) Dilip Mehta, a photo-journalist and director, and the brother of the renowned filmmaker Deepa Mehta, has recently directed a documentary on Sunny Leone. Netflix, the global digital entertainment company, has purchased the right of this documentary movie.

4) Sunny Leone is extremely unequivocal when it comes to fighting for women’s rights. She is an outright feminist.

Decoding Sunny Leone: Independent, Honest, Bold and Courageous!
Image source Sunny Leone FB account

5) Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber run an adult film production company, Sunlust Pictures in Los Angeles.

6) Colors channel paid a whopping sum of money to Sunny Leone to for her stay and appearance at the Big Boss house in season 6.

7) Sunny Leone is expected to shake her legs and dance with the Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan in the film Raees to release next year.

8) Sunny Leone has authored an erotic novel series Sweet Dreams available on juggernaut app.

9) Sunny Leone is an entrepreneur and manages a well known perfume brand.

Saluting Sunny Leone For Being What she is !

Merely acting in an adult film industry doesn’t make anyone unethical or immoral. Before questioning the concept of porn industry or raising finger on Sunny Leone’s past – it must be remembered that in South Asia and particularly in areas surrounding the Indian subcontinent – women are sexually abused, horribly tortured and domestically tormented on an almost frequent basis.

Image source Sunny Leone FB account

In India and adjoining areas, women are not even given the basic freedom to roam here and there and choose their own job and life-partner – which normal girls in developed nations do.

The pretty diva did nothing wrong by entering a profession that India considers immoral. At least she did what she chose to do.

No matter what others say but Sunny has certainly carved a niche for herself in the hearts of fans and rightful citizens of the world. Hats off !

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