Sony TV Patiala Babes: Written Episode Update

The last night episode of the TV series, Patiala Babes, begins with when Mini went to police station post her all dramas which took place on the Thursday night episode.

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The episode of the TV series, Patiala Babes, further shows, that, the family of the Khurana is very worried for the all dramas which took place in the Minni’s life. The inspector tries to help Minni but on the right time, her babes, Babita said that she is in no mood to write FIR and the duo moved from the police station.

Now the whole Khurana family has been seen discussing the whole drama and the family asked Ashok to help Minni and to make Minni reached to her destination. Ashok helped Minni and Babita but Ashok also asked to BABITA that it is insecure to live Minni with Babita as Babita is unable to provide all things.
Ashok asked to Babita that Minni should live with the Khurana family, and when he discussed the same with Minni, she refused and she said she should stay with her babes.

Sony TV Patiala Babes: Written Episode Update

Meanwhile, Babita get to know that her Bhabhi fell down from stairs BUT by the grace of god both mother and child is safe and Babita is relaxed to know so.

Now Babita decided to take care of her brother and brother’s wife, as her bhabhi is pregnant and she is unable to do the household works. Minni tries to make Babita something understand but she is only want to help her family, but there is something which is making Minni tensed and she is fishy for that too.

Minni is worried and anxious that why Ashok is not calling Babita but Babita is trying to make Minni understand that she should live with her dad but Minni denied the same and declared that she will be only stay with babes not the papa jii.

In the mean time, suddenly, brother of Babita come and he looked much tensed. He said he want to discuss something with her which makes Babita tensed.

Precap: Minni insulted Mitali and Mitali also scolded Mitali which makes Babita irked.