Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 6th December: Written Episode Update

Today episode of the TV series, Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka, begins with when Mouli is now ready to leave and go from the Kunal’s house. But the problem is that Pari became so close with Mouli that she doesn’t want to let Mouli go from her house.

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Nandini’s last wish is meanwhile to make Mouli and Kunal together and she already instructed the same to Pari. Pari is trying to make Mouli and Kunal together and Mouli is also come close to Pari but Kunal doesn’t want the same.

In the mean time, after Mouli went from the Kunal’s house, she has been seen emotional and Pari is also emotional missing her. But Kunal want Mouli to go from his house as now she should take care of Ishaan and Mishti, on the other side, Kunal scared that if Mouli will be with him then he might falls for her.

Afterward, Mouli went Pari kept speaking about her which make Kunal irked and he scolded her for the same. He also take promise from Pari that she should now further will not speak about Mouli and Pari promised the same as she really loves her buddy, Kunal.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 6th December: Written Episode Update

Meanwhile, Mouli dreamt of Kunal and Ishaan thought that Mouli sees dream of him, which makes Ishaan happy but Mouli became very restless that why after coming from the Kunal’s house she sees Kunal’s dream.

Mouli come to know that she have to rush to Gujarat in order to save lives of those people being a doctor who became victim of Earthquake. Ishaan supported her to go there and Mouli decided to go there as being a doctor it is her first duty to save lives of those people on the Gujarat mishap spot.

Dida FEELS Mouli of being restless and she asked the same to her but Mouli said nothing like that. Dida asked to Mouli is she still loves Kunal and Mouli just ignore the question by saying she has to rush to Gujarat now!

Dida feels helpless and she said that may god help Mouli as she loves Kunal but she is not ready to agree the same. In the accident mishap spot in Gujarat, after reaching Mouli makes a women to deliver her child but somehow when she sees the child need to take of the proper treatment, she call someone child specialist.

And suddenly Kunal come to do the treatment of the new born baby.

Precap: Ishaan’s mother want to meet with Mouli but Ishaan said to her which makes her little irked that Mouli is in Gujarat as she is there to do the treatment of earthquake victim, so she is not in Mumbai, being a doctor she should do the treatment first.

Then Ishaan asked to his mother that, meanwhile, she can meet with the family of her soon to be daughter-in-law Mouli’s family.

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