Happy Birthday Raghava Lawrence: 8 Fascinating Facts About This Multi-Talented Man

Happy Birthday Raghava Lawrence: 8 Fascinating Facts About This Multi-Talented Man

Raghava Lawrence, the name is enough to gives you some goose bumps and in this article we will be discuss some interesting facts about the multi talented man Raghava Lawrence.

As of now as we all know, the actor and director Raghava Lawrence is busy with his upcoming horror movie Kanchana 3, and I must say fans can’t wait for this movie anyway.

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Fans are now can’t wait literally, to see teaser of the movie Kanchana 3 anyway, which is third part of the successful film series, Muni, followed by Kanchana and Kanchana 2 (Ganga).

But in this article we will be discuss interesting facts of this man with different hats Raghava Lawrence and now without wasting time lets read this article.

Raghava Lawrence Facts

1). Raghava Lawrence was born as Raghavendra, on 9th January 1976, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.


2). Lawrence indeed proved that he is a man with different hats, and apart from being an Actor, he is also a film Director, Dancer, Choreographer, and last but not the least, he is Philanthropist too, and we often see Raghava Lawrence humanitarian phenomenon.

3). He started his acting career with the Telugu movie, Speed Dancer, in 1999, but he tasted success with another Telugu movie, Style, which was released in 2006.


4). Lawrence is also introduced hip-hop and westernized dance moves in the South Indian movies.

5). Raghava Lawrence also won 4 Filmfare South Awards and three Nandi Awards for best choreography which is I think best achievement which a creative person or a celebrity can have.

6). He proved his worth and extraordinary skill with the movie Muni film series, which includes its second installment Muni 2: Kanchana, which released in 2011and its third installment of the franchise Kanchana 2: Ganga, which was released in 2015.



7). The film Muni series is just blockbuster movie of all time which also make the actor and director Raghava Lawrence most fav among mass in the whole nation, including, Raghava Lawrence, is now popular in North India also, thanks to the Hindi dubbed movies, of the successful film series Muni Series.

8). As of now, the actor Raghava Lawrence is gearing up for another franchisee of the movie Muni series, Kanchana 3 which is all set to hit theaters on this April.

We, at TheCheckerNews, wish this multi-talented a very happy birthday. We wish lots of success and a fruitful year ahead.

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