Kurukshetra Review & World Wide Box Office Collections

Chalo, finally, one of the most awaited and much anticipated Kannada language films Kurukshetra, hit theaters, worldwide.

Watch Darshan Starrer Kurukshetra Trailer Is Out

Well, the Sandalwood movie, Kurukshetra, which is one of the most looking forward movies, of the present time, is available in both 2D and 3D version, which is also one of the reasons, why this movie, is getting audiences, attention, and limelight from the worldwide.

Well, the Sandalwood cinema, Kurukshetra, hit theaters on the last Friday, and co-incidentally, the Kanada language movie released, on the festive seasons and these times, India, and the Karnataka, is celebrating 2 major festivals times, Varamahalakshmi and Bakrid.

So, indeed, the festive season is also helped the magnum opus movie, Kurukshetra, to have some strong and meaty collection on the Sandalwood box office, and it is the leading man and the Kannada superstar, Darshan’s stardom, is worked as a “Sone Pe Suhaga”, and this is also turned to be major and predominate reason to catches crowds and audiences, on the theatre, and it is the mixed, to positive review is also worked in the favour of the movie, the Sandalwood film, Kurukshetra, indeed.

Well, the Kannada movie, Kurukshetra, is having houseful response on the Last Friday, since, the movie has hit theatres, and audiences are coming in the large amount, in the crowd, to watch the movie.

Still, the Kannada movie, Kurukshetra, is mythological and periodic, still, it is loving and appreciating by the fans, and the audiences, event, in these modern times, when hardly periodic movies, released, as it is the period of the only commercial movies, indeed.

It is the Sandalwood film, Kurukshetra, is based on the Indian epic Mahabharata, which is also narrated, the story of the movie, in the Kaurava King, Duryodhana’s viewpoint, or you can say, this one is, a reinterpretation of the Mahabharata war.

Kurukshetra Review & WorldWide Box Office Collections

While, let me tell you, on its first day, the Sandalwood film, of the Kannada superstar, Darshan, Kurukshetra, has been collected, whooping amount of the more than Rs. 8 crores and on its second day, after Friday, the Kannada language movie, Kurukshetra, has been collected big amount, of the Rs. 10 Crore+.

On the weekdays, also, since Monday, the Sandalwood movie, Kurukshetra, is running very well, and collecting big bucks and money, on the Sandalwood box office, and on the weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the movie, Kurukshetra, was performed well, and on the weekdays, also on the Monday, the movie, has been collected good cash, which is reflected in the ticket counter, and it is expected, that in the coming days, also the movie, Kurukshetra, will perform well, and fans and audiences, are indeed, repeatedly watching the movie, certainly.

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