How to Reflect True Devotion in Your Everyday Life in A Few Steps?

How to Reflect True Devotion in Your Everyday Life in A Few Steps?

The biggest joy of human life is the devotion and attachment to god. Only a handful of the people had experienced this bliss in their lifetime. And coincidentally, whoever had found it were the true devotees. Everything in life comes and goes but it is this divine heavenly elation that only continues.

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Sincerest devotees like Mira Bai, Soordas, Goswami Tulsidas, Prahlad and many more had often proved their sublime devotion and attachment to the god in their life time. Mirabai’s quest for Shyam and saint Ram Krishna Paramhansa’s yearning to see Goddess Maa Kali in real are well known where the level of devotion reached its pinnacle.

Crossing all odds these devotees have successfully exhibited their faithfulness in God in the sincerest manner possible. Rather caring about how the world perceived them – these devotees stayed committed to god. Truly, worldly things seem completely unimportant in front of their persistent longing for devotion.

What is True Devotion?

I can never wipe away those diminishing memories of that octogenarian, grand old man – with blurry vision and fragile health – how he lamely walked to a nearby temple daily to offer his prayers to gods. He did it not to get something from god in return but simply out of his uttermost devotion.

Remember devotion does make our life happy and pleasant. Nobody has seen future but it is the god who only has the power to listen to your inner voice and prayers. Only he can make your life better as his or her prayers do have miraculous powers.

Faith and Devotion Win Every Time

To which religion you belong to practically doesn’t matter as long as your devotion to the god remains sincere and real. When your attachment to god is pious and sanctimonious – you are already a winner. Faithfulness to omnipotent transcends all religions and faiths.

So whether you follow Islam, Christianity or even Hinduism – keep your faith and belief in god alive. It is in your own hand to experience this absolute bliss of being a true devotee of the god.

Yes, a true and honest devotion connects a devotee to the ethereal world without any intermediary. It’s the world’s biggest miracle in itself. This very miracle then spreads from one person to another and gradually more people start realizing this uttermost pleasure of life.

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