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Saint Nicholas Day 2018 – 2019: SMS WhatsApp Quotes Thoughts FB MSGs Messengers Wishes Greetings Images

We all celebrate the Saint Nicholas Day on the 6th December and the celebration and the observances of the Saint Nicholas Day is mainly observe in the Western Christian nations, like, Hungary and Romania and in these two nations the celebration of the Saint Nicholas Day is done on the 6th December.

Though, date and time of the Saint Nicholas Day is varies from country to country, like, in the Netherlands, the festival is celebrate on the 5th December, and on 19th December, we celebrate the Saint Nicholas Day in the Eastern Christian countries, which is also touted as the feast day of Saint Nicholas.

This one is very popular and famous Christian festival which is a perfect day also to share gifts, via the attendance of Mass, liturgy, or worship services.

Especially, In Europe, in the nations, like, “Germany and Poland”, sometimes boys take get up like, bishops begging alms for the poor.

In Ukraine, children wait when the St. Nicholas will be come and put some gifts and present under their pillows which children believed that St. Nicholas give them gifts.

The Christmas Day is somehow different from the Saint Nicholas Day and in the England and Scotland St. Nicholas day is observe and rejoice on the 4th December.

ST NICHOLAS is a quite famous and legendary figure in Europe who is very much popular among the children in the whole Europe.

Saint Nicholas Day 2018 – 2019: SMS WhatsApp Quotes Thoughts FB MSGs Messengers Wishes Greetings Images

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In case you missed my last post (which is quite possible with this algorithm 🙄) our family is celebrating St. Nicholas Day this year. We’ve been reading books and watching You Tube videos about Saint Nicholas (the real life man that the legend of Santa evolved from) and tonight they’ll put their shoes outside their doors to receive some goodies in the morning. . I finished up the last of the pouches and filled them with chocolate coins for tomorrow. I’ll also be including clementines (traditional for St. Nick day), a bit of each kids’ favorite candy and one small gift each to place with their shoes. . If anyone is interested, I’ve written up the #freepattern for the drawstring pouch and put it in my Stories. You can find it in the “free pattern” highlight after today. The season IS about giving, after all ☺️

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St. Nicholas Day is a well liked and much loved festival for children in several parts of Europe because children more often than not receive gifts on this day, so all kids just wait for the day to come, so that they can celebrate the day properly.

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Saint Nicholas Day Names In Other Nations

English Saint Nicholas Day
French Saint-Nicolas
German Nikolaustag
Hungarian Télapó Mikulás
Spanish Día de San Nicolás


The day is public holiday in so many nations, like, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.