HD Hyundai Mipo Develops Ammonia-powered Ship

HD Hyundai Mipo Develops Ammonia-powered Ship

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In a major development, the HD Hyundai Mipo has developed an ammonia-powered ship. Ammonia is an eco-friendly and carbon-free fuel.

This scientific feat can usher a new era in global maritime domain.

What is most remarkable, this South Korean shipbuilder used locally available technologies to create the ammonia-powered ship. HD Hyundai Mipo is an affiliate of HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering.

According to information given by the HD Hyundai Mipo, the standard ammonia dual-fuel propulsion ship can transport 45,000 cubic meters of LPG, ammonia, or vinyl chloride monomer (VCM).

DNV, the Norwegian classification company, has given its approval in principle to the HD Hyundai Mipo.

Commenting on the development of this ammonia-powered ship, the Head of HD Hyundai Mipo Basic Design Division, Lee Dong-jin said based on the DNV certification, the company will go for production of ships strictly adhering to the ecological norms specified by the IMO.

Brief Description of Ammonia-Powered Ship

An ammonia dual-fuel propulsion ship, the vessel is marked by following features:

  • 190 meters long
  • 4 meters wide
  • 8 meters high
  • The ship is equipped with a 10,000-HP dual-fuel 2-stroke large engine that selectively uses ammonia and diesel fuel.

HD Hyundai Mipo developed a standard ammonia dual-fuel propulsion ship after about four months of joint research with Swiss engine maker WinGD, HD Hyundai Heavy Industries Engine and Machinery Division, and DNV.

While HD Hyundai Mipo was responsible for the basic design of the standard ship, WinGD provided detailed engine specifications and operating data. DNV was in charge of safety and suitability review.

Image Courtesy: HD Hyundai Mipo

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