Top 7 Most Beautiful Indian TV Journalists | Cutest | Hottest | Media | Electronics and Broadcast Journalism | Updated 2024

Top 7 Most Beautiful Indian TV Journalists | Cutest | Hottest | Media | Electronics and Broadcast Journalism | Updated 2024

Besides TV actresses and sportswomen, female journalists enjoy overwhelming popularity among their fans and admirers. Interestingly, they have a huge fan base among both men and women viewers. While men don’t miss out on any opportunity to appreciate their beauty and intelligence, female viewers are also not left behind. You may often find female fans pouring their hearts out or sharing their thoughts with their favorite TV anchors on social media.

If you’re a media junkie or love watching English TV news, chances are that you might already have a list of favorite TV newscasters. Also, there is a high probability that you love watching their debates and primetime news shows.

If you haven’t started watching English news, do it from today!

So, what are you waiting for?

For the benefit of my readers, here’s the curated and shortlisted list of my favorite English TV news journalists (in no particular order, as I like all of them)!

Sakshi Batra

Sakshi Batra, an alumna from Delhi University, has been associated with the India Today group for the last two years. She is proficient in both English and Hindi. Additionally, Sakshi has hosted several shows related to shares, stocks, and business.

Her command over business and the economy, and her ability to present complex business news in simple language without using industry jargon, is praiseworthy.


Sonal Mehrotrakapoor

She wears glasses (of course, it enhances her cuteness) and is a senior journalist associated with MoneyControl. With over 13 years of experience in electronic broadcast media, Sonal is one of the most followed English TV journalists in India. There are also several fan clubs dedicated to her, who often share pictures and news clips with the audience on social media.

Profile photo of Sonal Mehrotra Kapoor

In an interview with Newslaundry, Sonal admits the hardships she faced while reporting on the JNU incident.

She is quite active on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Nabila Jamal

With an MA degree in journalism and mass communication, Nabila has always been upfront when it comes to reporting what matters. In her early days, she showed exemplary courage while reporting on the mining mafia. Currently, Nabila is working with India Today and enjoys a huge following across her social media handles.


Neha Khanna

Neha Khanna is an English broadcast media journalist with around 20 years of experience in media. She is currently working as a Deputy Editor & Senior Anchor at News9. Also, she has worked with NDTV and WION in her career. An IIMC alumna with a Master’s in journalism and mass communication, Neha has also done a course on Democracy & Public Policy from The London School of Economics and Political Science.

Profile photo of Neha Khanna

Shereen Bhan

Shereen Bhan is currently working as a Managing Editor of CNBC-TV18. She has over two and a half decades of work experience. She is credited with simplifying the nitty-gritty of finance and business through her insightful shows on TV. With a Master’s Degree in Communication Studies from the University of Pune, Shereen continues to inspire youth and journalism aspirants all across India.



Hem K Saroya

She is counted among the cutest English TV journalists across the world. In addition to her cutting-edge commentary on global politics and insightful reporting, Hem has become fans’ favorite in a very short span of time.

She has over 8 years of overall experience in media and publication. Presently, she works with WION as its news anchor since 2020.

Akshita Nandagopal

Akshita has over 13 years of experience in media and journalism. She has worked with a number of prestigious media houses, including Inx Media, India Today, & Republic World among others. Akshita has been working with India Today since 2019, and she always resonates well with her fans and admirers. Besides her reporting style, what many fans find amusing and cute is her accent and voice. Nonetheless, whenever Akshita reports, you can expect an interesting storyline.


In Conclusion

I hope you all have enjoyed my article. If you don’t find your favorite in the list (English TV journalists only), please feel free to use the comment section to write about them. I will surely try to mention them in my next article.

These journalists are my favorites, and I have to admit that I have learned a lot from them. But I am really sad that in India, we currently have just around 9-10 (or maybe fewer) main national level English TV news channels. So, it’s definitely concerning.

India is a country with over 150 crore population. We definitely need more English TV news channels and English newspapers in India.

(The author (Atish Home Chowdhury) is a journalism and mass communication (MAJMC) student, deeply passionate about English TV news channels and print media).

Image Sources: Journalists’ respective Instagram and Twitter Profiles.

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