Top 20 Amazing Venues for a Fairytale Destination Wedding in Jaipur

Fairytale Wedding in Jaipur

Top 20 most beautiful options can help you in choosing the best venue for your fairytale destination wedding in Jaipur

We all want to have a wedding which is very special and makes an impact on us for the rest of our life. One of the best options to have a dream wedding is going to your favorite destination and getting married to your partner over there.

Jaipur is one of the most popular places for a destination wedding in India. You can make a check on the destination wedding ideas before you plan for the wedding.

Another important aspect to check is the venue for the wedding and here are top 20 destinations for a wedding in Jaipur listed below, to help you.

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Chomu Palace – Probably the best place for you to get married in Jaipur is Chomu Palace. The palace will give you a feeling as if you are in a different kind of world.

It has a capacity of around 75-100 guests which is enough for any destination wedding making it a perfect option for your dream wedding.

Lebua Palace – If you are willing to have a Venice style wedding in India, then there is hardly an option which is as good as the Lebua palace.

You are also going to have a special spa treatment for the guests that will make them feel even special at your wedding ceremony. There is also an option of cocktail arrangement in a bar making it an ideal option.

The Raj Palace – If you want a grand Indian wedding at a beautiful destination, then the Raj Palace is one of the best wedding venues in Jaipur that shall come to your mind.

The Unique thing about the place is that there can also be arrangements for horse or elephants processions to make the ceremony even more special.

Le Meridian – Another of the top wedding lawns in the Pink city that is ideal for the destination weddings is the Le Meridian. It is especially a very good option for you when your guest count is low.

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There is a facility of an arrangement of the Mandap at the pool sides that enhance the beauty and make it picturesque to make sure that your wedding ceremony is perfect.

Jai Mahal Palace – The ideal venue for any couple to tie the knot in Jaipur is the Jai Mahal Palace which was built around 270 years ago.

The best place in the palace is the lotus pond where you can have a beautiful evening with your loved ones just before your wedding day.

Shahpura Haveli – The place is unique in many senses and one of the best things about the place is the sensitivity of the environment. The hotel follows eco-friendly practices and there are some strict rules that you may need to stick to.

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You need to be careful about the electricity and water consumption if you are planning to have the best day of your life here.

Hotel Mansingh Palace – If you want a perfect wedding, then come to the Mansingh palace which is absolutely a peach.

The beauty and architecture of the hotel will make your time there one to remember for and the hotel staff is always ready to serve you with anything you need.

Ram Bagh Palace – The palace is one of the most hospitable places in India thus making it an ideal destination for a wedding. Especially if you are looking for a royal wedding, then there is hardly any place that can offer you the same kind of quality as this one.

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The palace is a giant one that can hold thousands of guests and this is why the choice of top celebrities is also across India.

Pride Amber Vilas – This palace is another top one in Jaipur that can be perfect for your destination wedding. The place has a capacity of more than 3000 guests which is enough for a wedding.

The quality of food over here is also mesmerizing with top chefs always ready to serve you with the best dishes.

Alsisar Palace – If you are looking to marry at a place which will make you fall in love with it, then Alsisar palace is probably the option that you shall choose.

The place has a special charm about it and this is why some of the most unique wedding ceremonies are being hosted over here.

Clarks, Amer – This is one of those hotels in Jaipur that will offer you the perfect ambiance to make sure that your wedding ceremony is just perfect. The staff over here is very dedicated and disciplined giving importance to each and every guest.

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Further, the beauty of the place is an added advantage that you have when you choose it for your destination wedding.

Jaipur Marriot hotel – Classy, elegant and gracious, these are the three perfect words to describe the beauty of Marriott hotel.

The beauty of the hotel will bind the guests and there is also an option to accommodate as many as 1500 guests. The service of the hotels is another thing which makes it a top choice in Jaipur.

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Samode Palace – Another place which is perfect for a destination wedding is Samode palace which is a heritage building in Jaipur. If you are planning a Rajputana style wedding, then the place is perfectly suitable for you.

The Aravali hills in the background add to the beauty of the place making it a perfect choice for your wedding and allied ceremonies.

Fairmont – If you are looking to have a destination wedding in India that can match the International standards, then Fairmont is probably the place you shall choose.

The serenity of the place added to the luxury facilities that are available for you make your perfect day even more special and one that you will definitely cherish for lifelong.

Shiv Vilas – Another luxury hotel in Jaipur that is perfect for destination weddings is Shiv Vilas Hotel. The picture-perfect gardens and alleyways that are dappled by the sunlight make it one of the most beautiful places in Jaipur.

The staff at the palace is also very co-operative and helpful in making things better for you at your wedding ceremony.

Gold Palace – If you are searching for a place to get married in Jaipur, then Gold palace is the perfect choice for you. The ambiance of the place makes you to fall in love with it making it amongst the top budget resorts. The backdrop of Aravali hills also adds to the beauty of the place making it the ideal venue for your wedding.

Best Wedding Venues in Jaipur

The Lalit – If you are looking for a five-star hotel for your destination wedding, then Hotel Lalit can offer you an amazing choice for that.

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The central courtyard has a lake which is surrounded by artists that perform various types of folk dances making the evening even more lovable and fantastic for you and your guests.

ITC Rajputana – The best place with the palace is that you have a choice of versatile venues and you can make the selection for the one based on your theme. The excellent service over there only adds to the quality of the place.

Crown Plaza – It is one of the leading five-star hotels in Jaipur that has been designed specifically for hosting the destination weddings.

Especially when you have a large attendance base, then it is amongst one of the finest choices in the city. The place is also known for the quality of food with various varieties of food being served here.

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Park Inn – Last but by no means is the least option when it comes to holding the grand events Park Inn. It is amongst the leading wedding hotels Jaipur that offer you great services and highly affordable rates making it ideal for a wedding when you have a constrained budget.

When you have a wedding ceremony over here, you are sure to win compliments from your guests.

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