Top 5 Smart Tips to Deal with Your Female Boss

Top 5 Smart Tips to Deal with Your Female Boss

I find no difference between a male or female boss. Ultimately, a boss is the boss, and he or she is mostly, interested in getting things done by you. They are not your colleague, so try to maintain an equidistant from your boss.

Google ‘female boss’, and you would be surprised by the results; most of these suggest female heads are too harsh, unemotional and heartless. According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, there are 9.1 million woman-owned businesses across the United States. Even in India, too, you will find a lot of enterprises that are currently being owned and directed by women.

Actually it’s good for gender parity. And, mind you, males alone don’t whine about their female bosses. It’s the female co-workers who complain the most about their female bosses or supervisors on public platform using social media.

If you don’t believe my words, then Google ‘Female Boss’ now!

Smart Tips for Employees to Tackle Female Boss at Workplace

6) Argue or Harangue

Never argue with your female boss. She will not only punish you hard for it, but you might lose your job too. Cutting long story short – she won’t realize her mistake. But, then which boss ever admits his or her fault at any organization at any time of the year?

5) Friendly Is Not Trendy

Never try to become too friendly with your Ma’am! Yes. It will backfire suddenly and you won’t get a second chance to correct yourself. Maintain professional ethics at the office, especially with your boss.

4) Eye Contact

Always maintain eye-to-eye contact during every interaction with your Madam. Or else she might consider you inattentive, careless or unproductive at one go!

3) Honesty is the Best Policy

Never make a mistake of exaggerating yourself. Female bosses are pretty smart to extract the intellect and expertise out of you and judge the same then and there.

Be honest and politely admit whatever you don’t know. She will earnestly teach you the same. But ‘show off’ or any ‘overstatement’ do seriously piss off your female boss.

2) Dress to Impress

Make sure that every day is a fresh beginning. You should appear neat and clean while visiting your office. Starting from a well-styled hairdo, trimmed nails, sparkling official outfits to polished shoe – don’t ignore the basics.

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1) Impeccable Integrity

You should continue to maintain that impeccable integrity at an office and outside. It means your conduct should be proper and without an iota of doubt. Female bosses notice even smaller and smaller things, so stay good on and off.

The Conclusion

If you are also currently working under a female boss or have worked previously under a female supervisor, then you are welcome to share your experience with us.

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