The Best Organizational Ideas for an Orderly Kitchen

The Best Organizational Ideas for an Orderly Kitchen

We gather at our kitchen tables. We cook meals, and we share them with our loved ones. When we entertain guests, they don’t stay in the living room—although we’d like them to stay there. We converge in the kitchen and the dining room. We sit around and talk endlessly. We share trays of canapes and plates of cake slices. Is there any other part of your home that deserves more attention than your kitchen?

Before you start to organize your kitchen, invest in a few things first such as durableself-adhesive labels, mason jars, tins, holders, and racks. You need these to keep your kitchen tools properly organized. You’ll soon realize that organizing your kitchen is all about having the right tools, equipment, and containers.

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Empty Your Kitchen Cabinets

How will you know what you need to keep and what you can throw out if you’re not going to take all the stuff out of your kitchen cabinets? This is the only way you can go through each item and discard the ones you don’t need. Do this with each cabinet and drawer in your kitchen. This will free up a lot of space. You can also use brushed brass cabinet handles to arrange additional free space.

Categorize and Organize Tools

After you’ve discarded unused and unneeded items, you can categorize the remaining ones. Put the same stuff together such as your baking supplies. Separate the dishes you use every day from the ones you use on special occasions. Next, organize them. Put the things you use every day near the stove or your work area. As for the things you use only occasionally? Keep them on the top part of the cabinet so that you are not wasting any space.

Use Clear Containers

It is important to remember to use clear containers. Otherwise, you’ll spend most of your time opening containers trying to look for the things you need. You can also use Amber Glass Bottles for storage. Group packets of gravy mixes and sauce mixes together. Unopened salt and sugar packets should be stored away in a separate container.

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Divide the Drawers

Most kitchen cabinets and drawers are too deep that when you put things in them, so much space is wasted. You can use this space by using drawer dividers. These are particularly useful for cooking utensils and those other small miscellaneous things that you throw in your junk drawer. By using dividers, you can assign a small spot for all things.

Clean Your Refrigerator

Does your refrigerator have piles of containers of leftover food? It’s time to purge your refrigerator. Pull your trash can near you and throw away food that you haven’t touched in three days. These don’t deserve space in your refrigerator. They’ll only be wasting space. The next thing you know, they have mold, too. That’s going to make it harder for you to throw or clean them.

No matter how big or small your kitchen is, organizing and keeping it clean will always be a challenge. You must create a system that will keep things in order. Everyone in your household should follow this system. It can be as simple as putting things back in their proper places. That alone will keep your kitchen organized.

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