Three Reasons Why Renting a Trencher Will Save Your Weekend and Your Back

Three Reasons Why Renting a Trencher Will Save Your Weekend and Your Back

Digging trenches by hand is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hence it is advisable to rent a trencher to help the digging. It will ensure a quick injury-free job completed well in time.

Prior to trenching, every time is sure to call your state’s utility notification center and ensure that all the underground utility lines such as water, gas, water, and electric cable, etc. are marked.

Trencher rental basics

You can find a trench digger suited for all types of job requirements. Efficient in completing a variety of terrain conditions, trenchers are versatile for both commercial and residential usage. They are easy to navigate with user-friendly controls. You can use trench digger hire brisbane for help.

Reasons to rent a trencher

Here we have listed 3 reasons to rent a trencher rather than digging by yourself:

  1. Save Time, Save Money

By renting a trencher for your yard project can help you save money as well as time. You can do the yard project yourself, saving some cash on labor costs.

Digging the trenches yourself can take three or four days. However, a gas-powered trencher can do the same job in just a day.

  1. Accurate Digging

Trenchers are used best for installation, irrigation, and drainage projects. A trencher helps in installing as well as repairing the buried lines more efficiently. It can be competitively used to install a French drain. It can be easily used for digging electrical, plumbing, and utility line trenches.

Trenchers are also widely used for landscaping and property developments.

  1. Ease Your Body

Digging a trench by hand is not an easy job. If the earth you are working on is rocky and has buried pavers or concrete chunks, the digging job turns out to be more laborious.

It may lead to a sore or injured back, and torn-up hands. Also, it will result in a malign annoyance and frustration.

Trenchers are capable of tackling a variety of terrain and ground conditions with great ease. So rather than doing it on your own, we recommend you rent a trencher.

Things to consider before renting a trencher

Before renting a trencher for your yard project, you should evaluate your project requirements. Have a clear thought on the kind of terrain will you be trenching, the type of installation job, installing cable, digging space, and the desired trench dimensions for it. Read our helpful guide to consider all factors in choosing the correct trencher lease.

  1. Job type

Rent a trencher considering the requirements of the job. Like if you building a huge trench or several trenches, you need to rent a heavy-duty equipment rental for the most cost-effective way to get the job done. A larger trencher, with the required force and speed, can cut job time in 4 to 5-foot trench jobs. But for laying a cable in concrete or asphalt, a micro trencher would be the right fit for you.

  1. Trench size

Knowing the dimensions of the trench you want to dig, will help you to decide in determining your equipment size. Walk-behind trenchers are restricted in terms of power and efficiency and can be used in smaller trench projects.

  1. Environmental disturbance

For the least land disturbance, at the privately-owned landscape, big trenchers can do more harm.  So, it is better to opt for a compact trencher.

Closing words

The trencher you rent for your yard project depends on the size of the desired trench. The decision regarding the equipment rental requires a thorough analysis of the goals of your installation and the surrounding terrain.

Do yourself a favor, by renting a trencher for your yard project.

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