Re:Source Setting New Standard for Construction Waste Recycling in India

Re:Source Setting New Standard for Construction Waste Recycling in India

Bengaluru, March 21, 2024: In a major development that can ensure sustainable disposal of construction waste in India, Space Matrix has collaborated with Saahas Zero Waste (SZW) to reuse it in such a way that it can again be utilised by the the construction projects.

Space Matrix is a global workplace design and build powerhouse while SZW is an ISO-certified social enterprise offering integrated waste management services across major Indian cities.

Termed as Re:Source, this construction waste disposal and re-use project has scientific dimensions as it can greatly reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas emission besides reducing burden on urban landfills. In a way, it can go a long way in protecting the ecology and sustain the growth.

Speaking about this collaboration, Mr. Akshay Lakhanpal, CEO India of Space Matrix said, despite existing policy frameworks like the Construction and Demolition Waste Management Rules, 2016, responsible disposal remains a daunting challenge in India.

Mr. Lakhanpal said through our collaboration with SWMPL, we have taken proactive steps to lead this change. We discussed the project’s objective and details with our clients, and they were completely onboard to work with us to reduce the environmental impact of the construction waste and comply with the regulations.

“Our inaugural pilot project under the Re:Source initiative has already delivered positive outcomes, showcasing the feasibility and environmental benefits of integrating circular economy principles into C&D waste management. Moving forward, we aspire to replicate and scale these successes across our future projects, catalysing industry-wide change on a national scale,” Mr. Lakhanpal added.

Sharing details about the project, and the potential of environmental conservation, Ms. Shobha Raghavan, COO Saahas Zero Waste, said, “Since 2013, we’ve partnered with corporates, housing societies, government agencies, and stakeholders to realize a zero-waste, circular economy. Viewed in the context of India’s overall C&D waste, these circular economy principles can significantly address environmental concerns and contribute to the fight against climate change.

“Our partnership with Space Matrix is going to be a major step forward in this direction, and we hope to continue making the right impact through Project Re:Source,” Ms. Raghavan added.

Currently, India accounts for 35% to 40% of construction waste globally, but just about 1% of the waste materials are recycled, and the rest end up in landfills creating urban problems. As a company committed to sustainability, with its Re:Source framework, Space Matrix aims to channel these waste materials back to construction sites.

The focus is to ensure minimal processing and convert the waste into the same or other types of construction materials. Considering that construction materials cost 50% to 60% of a project’s budget, this recycling can also boost cost-effectiveness and positively impact the environment. The partnership with SZW marks a beginning in this direction.

A pilot project under Re:Source has already been executed at one of Space Matrix’s brownfield Fit-out projects in Bengaluru. The initiative, spanning 19,570 square feet, generated over 43 tonnes of waste between August and November 2023.

The pilot project showcased effective recycling and reuse methodologies across diverse waste streams, resulting in a 48% reduction in landfill waste. An important lesson learned from the pilot project underscores the potential to enhance recyclability by emphasising source segregation practices and ensuring ample space for storing diverse waste streams on-site.

There were several other significant positive outcomes achieved from the project such as a reduction of 15.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions, 20.5 tonnes of materials recycled, and 0.4 tonnes sent for co-processing. Through collaborative innovation and unwavering dedication, Space Matrix and SZWaim redefine construction waste disposal paradigms, fostering a sustainable future for India’s built environment.

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