10 Random Facts About Me

Well, the popular youth festival Halloween and the sacred festival Diwali is coming and let Me tell you I’m a big fan of horror movies and horror films.

Diwali is, by the way, one of my favorite festival which I literally celebrate with bursting crackers and crackers.

It is really fun that the horror films or movies or a story always gives Me goosebumps or you can see on seeing the horror movie I literally have the floating butterfly on my stomach.

It will be ideal to starts the Halloween month by a fun and good way which you can also consider as a light way. I don’t often talk about Me on the social site.

Yes, I talk and writes about news, travels, articles, festivals but I think being a blogger it will be amazing to shares some personal information or random facts about me with my well-wishers or visitors of my website.

I’m a blogger and I like many other bloggers too. They are my sources of inspirations, though my role model is Mother Teresa.

So I’m kicking off this Halloween and Diwali celebrations by sharing some random facts about Me and my life:

So without wasting time let’s have friendly conversations with me in which plenty of random facts you will be, come to know about Me in this Halloween and Diwali month.

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Surely these random facts about Me will blow your mind.

1). I hate travel whether it is in the flight of business class still travel only gives Me a headache.

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2). In my childhood days, I was fascinating or you can say I was obsessed with dance. I wanted to be a dancer which was one of my secret desires was you can say.

Literally, there is a hidden Prabhu Deva in Me I’m having.

3). I’m just a big fan of music; I mean I like to tuned old Hindi melodies, means the 70s or 80s songs. For Me, the contemporary music is tortures and weird which is literally making no sense for me.

Kishore Kumar is my favorite!

4). I love the non veg meal. Literally I rarely keen to have fruits or vegetables’, other than I love some of the Bengali vegetables’ apart from the non veg meal.

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5). My hobby is to clean the house, room and all.  I’m actually a cleanness freak!

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6). I believe in the concept, “plain living high thinking”. Means see, I’m a small town girl but I never consider small town as my weakness. I random see some people say people can’t-do anything in the small town unless he or she will be the move in a cosmopolitan city.


But I think and I strongly believe that if you are having true and strong determinations you can achieve your dream by living in the small town too.

7). In my childhood days, I was the big fan of Salman Khan, in fact, I was love with him. He was literally my first love or crush!

8). I always did not want to be a blogger, in fact when I was the kid I wanted to be either advocate or teacher.

Indeed eventually my mother asked to me that it will be ideal to make blogging as my job as I can writes blog. So gradually I started writing blog and outcome is here.

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9). Sometimes I get bored and roam myself in the middle of the night when I fail to fall asleep.

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10). I just love romantic poems or shayaris in Hindi. Those actually give me Goosebumps and different kind of feelings.

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  1. Oooh I looooove pictures! We are very much the opposite in every single aspect you mentioned. Still, great knowing someone from the opposite side of my spectrum.

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