Is Vocalist KK the Best Singer in Bollywood and India?

Singing provides a true sense of lightheartedness.” – Andrea Bocelli

The above quote literally shows what does singing do deeper inside a heart. Singing a song and listening to soothing tracks takes a person to an ethereal world where only the lyrics, music and the rhythmic cadence of the voice matter. Bollywood Singer KK alias KrishnaKumar Kunnath is such a marvellous vocalist who takes listeners to a different world altogether.

In Bollywood, mostly actors rule. But every time KK sings a song – he creates history again and again. In fact, the very first song sung by him touched the pinnacle of musical success – referring to the massive popularity of “tadap tadap ke is dil Ke” song from the film Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.

It could have been impossible without the lyrical wonder of the legendary Mehboob Saab. His jugalbandi with the soulful KK’s dynamic voice and Ismail Darbar’s heavenly musical composition did the magic. The song left the entire industry stunned by the kind of massive impact that this tragic song created in those days.

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In the history of Bollywood songs, if excessively high-pitched songs are taken into consideration, then of course only the legendary Md. Rafi and singer KK would appear alongside the same list. While “O duniya ke rakhwale” and “Yeh Duniya agar mil bhi jaaye” songs of Md. Rafi in the late 50s era were supremely amazing, “tadap tadap” song to a great extent if not fully matched with Md. Rafi Saab’s classic high-pitched songs. Surprisingly enough, after Tadap Tadap no such high pitch songs could make it to that list until now.

Top 6 Iconic Songs Of KK That Keep Him Ahead of the Rest

First-of- its-kind evocative song bidding adieu to life.

“Tu Jo Mila Song Is the Song of the Decade” No doubt!

The High Pitched Typical KK’s Mesmerising Song.

The Raaz Reboot ‘O Meri Jaan’ Song Is Absolutely Breathtaking.

Can Any Other Singer Sing This Song Better Than KK? Of Course None!

Such a Quintessential Relaxing Voice – Rare Gem in Bollywood.

Top 6 Facts of KK You Don’t Know 

1) Singer KK received his first check for Rs. 5000 from music composer Ranjit Barot in 1996.

2) KK’s debut Bollywood song was Chhod aaye hum who galiya from the film Maachis. It was a chorus song.

3) KK has won just one big award until now. It was a Screen Award that he received in 2008 for‘Khuda jaane’ song. KK Fans blame the jury for constantly overlooking the singer despite the vocalist’s unmatched voice and versatility.

4) KK loves working with the new talents. From the newer lot, he likes Arijit Singh and even the latter considers KK as his idol too.

5) The iconic Singer recorded the entire “Tu.. Jo.. Mila” song in Sydney at a studio when he was on a holiday.

6) In one of his recent interviews, ace singer Kumar Sanu said that among the contemporary singers he considered KK as his most favorite vocalist.

Singer KK’s Journey in Bollywood

After completing around two decades in Bollywood as a leading singer, his stature has now risen to such a height where awards, competition and competitors don’t matter anymore. Singer KK has immensely contributed to contemporary Bollywood songs in the late 90s era when sophisticated musical instruments and advanced software were nowhere in the sight. He did everything out of sheer passion, creativity and talents.

What makes KK best singer in Bollywood
Image source: SC photography/KK fb page

It was during the same time, singer Shaan and Sonu Nigam, also proved their mettle in Bollywood. This marked the Bollywood’s successful tryst with a troika of superhit singers. But singer KK was different then and he is in a league of his own even now. Comparing him to other singers would be a complete injustice to such a multifaceted talented singer who has never run after spotlight or fame in his life.

With most of his previous songs declared superhit, KK is only getting better and better. The soulful song “Tu Jo Mila” in the blockbuster film Bajrangi Bhaijaan is a vibrant example of the fact that what it meant to entering inside audience’s heart and making a sublime impact in reality. The song enthralls listeners to such an extent  even now that many people find themselves completely dumbfound even minutes after listening to this song.

Many say he is underrated – yes he is. But the kind of adulation that singer KK receives from his live audience at stage shows and performance in India and abroad testifies the fact that he is the best. That exemplary aura, magic and vibe are symbolic to KK’s invigorating demeanour – other singers don’t even make it half to that level.

Awards don’t matter but dedication does. Singer KK has recently stated that whenever he sings he ensures doing it in the best way. That’s what is called ‘midas touch’ – anything the vocalist touches using his melodious rhythms turns out a blockbuster.

Upcoming Songs and Future Projects of Singer KK

Fans say he is singing less these days, but reality is he works at his own pace. Even in his early days, KK was never in a hurry. He took his own time to playback or sing songs. This year alone, KK sang two wonderful songs “Aasman bhi haarta hai” (Azhar) and “O Meri Jaan” (Raaz Reboot), which again created direct connections to fans. However, he never believes in doing show-off stuff and PR (Public Relation) type things that other singers do. So, this is evident why KK is seen lesser on TV.

Coming to KK’s future projects “Musafir Hoon Main” song from the film Shab is set to release soon maybe by early next year. The song has been composed by Mithoon. Also, the ace singer is working something serious on his own musical projects – the details will be out soon – it’s still in its nascent stage now.

(By: Atish Home Chowdhury)

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  1. He is impeccable. Not until you become his hardcore fan; you would know how incredible his voice modulation and mood adaptation is. So many great tracks like “Main Khuda”, ” Jab Kabhi Chand”, “Cineraria”, “Rose of my Heart”, ” Tu Salaamat” and many more have gone into limbo. His unmatched voice and subtle emotions makes one fall in love every time his voice is played.
    #Legend #Mesmerizer

    P.S – the Rs. 5000 incident was back in 1994, not 1996. Apparently that was the very day He was blessed with a child.

    1. And I thought I was his biggest fan.. Thanks buddy for the above mentioned tracks.

  2. Very nice article. KK truly is the best. One of the all time bests. Easily the best since Kishore-Rafi-Manna Dey era.

  3. You know what, you missed what can be called the greatest KK playback performance for a song. I m referring to the KK version of MERE BINA from CROOK which has left me so speechless despite listening to it over half a thousand times in my life ( still listen to it daily ). And yeah, its completely true that he gives everything that he has for live performances too, his passion can be easily seen in his eyes, the way he dances with the audience nd evokes all kinds of possible emotions nd passion which probably no singer in the WORLD can !!
    Could also agree completely to the fact that you dont realise how excellent KK is until you become his die hard fan. Very true. I had always regarded KK as my top 3 singers along with ATIF and SONU but it was only when I attended his live show and then started listening his songs with more concentration I started getting what this man does in a playback may seem ordinary, but it seems ordinary because its KK !! TONNES nd TONNES of LOVE SIR !! your smile nd your voice reflects the pure soul that you have. <3

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