Itu puja 2019: Celebration, Facts, Details, Festival, Bengali Puja, Quotes, Wishes, Tithi, Vidhi, Date, Months, Method, Mantra, Carnival

In the month of the Karthik, (Means, November or late October), it is the festival, Itu puja, which is a Bengali puja or festival, it is also very famous and popular, in the West Bengal, mainly observe by the married women I guess, and also if unmarried woman want they can also observe the puja and the festival, called, Itu puja.

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When the Bengali month Kartik (middle of November), marked its ending, the festival, called, Itu puja, is get starts, which is one of the most sacred, and very pious, Hindu festival, mainly, observe by the Hindu Bengali people, or in the West Bengal, and in the state, of the India, the festival, Itu puja, is being observe, in very peaceful and good and loving atmosphere, indeed, and certainly.

Well, we can also, originate and inaugurate, the festival, or the puja, called, Itu puja, at the middle of Bengali agrahan months, the period of 15 days ( end of November).

Well, devotees can also observe and celebrate and arrange the festival, called, Itu puja, on the same day of vasan (one-day puja).

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Well, Sunday is regarded as and measured as a very pious day, for propitiating Surya. The main reason for observing the puja and festival, #Itu puja, and it was originated to mean or the preservation or safeguarding of seeds of the winter crops.

While, I already being mentioned, in the above, that the festival, which is one of the most important and sacred, festival, #Itu puja, is being observed and performed by both married and unmarried women.

Once undertaken, the devotees, can continues with its performance until her death or, she can either, pass, the puja or the festival, called, #Itu puja performances, to her daughter or daughter in law.

Itu puja 2019: Celebration, Facts, Details, Festival, Bengali Puja, Quotes, Wishes, Tithi, Vidhi, Date, Months, Method, Mantra, Carnival

She needs to fill a bowl, with soil and a pot filled with water, if she is observing the festival, or the puja or the vrat, called, Itu puja, and she will keep, it along with other household deities while perfuming the puja.

Well, eating of the non-veg food, even, onion and garlic, has been forbidden, in the period of the puja, namely, Itu puja, and they should not use, even turmeric powder and oil in the food.

Something, which is very common on the above-mentioned festival, Itu puja, is on the day, of the puja, the married or the unmarried woman, who is observing the puja, she should, eat a plate of the boiled rice, which will prepare, with the rock salt, and ghee and in the boil rice, she should or she can put some, vegetables, like, brinjal, potato, couli flower, radish, peas and so on, which can give a better taste to the boil rice, and she should use, arwa chawal, only, in order to prepare the boil rice, which is very similar to the khichdi, but don’t forget, she is not permitted to put, haldi or oil, in the rice, anyway. She can include, different kinds of the veg sabji, in her lunch anyway, but she is denied to consume, salt, in her dinner, so she can eat sweets, kheer, halwa or milk in her dinner anyway.

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