Is Longingness a Feeling? (A Set of Two Poems)

Is Longingness a Feeling? (A Set of Two Poems)

The Silent Love

I didn’t tell her

I missed her badly,

yet I chose silence.


I wanted her madly,

yet I chose common sense.

When someone blushes,

When someone smiles,

Or just get excited,

The romantic feeling has just got heightened!


If my words didn’t muster enough courage,

Why didn’t she encourage?

All I wanted was to confess…

My love for her as always


The fear of rejection,

Broke my affection,

I knew she won’t like me,

Becauser she was already Someone ‘s else destiny!


I Love Too Deep

I love too deep,

I choose to keep…

the person I love inside my heart,

Often in silence I weep,

When that person chooses to stay apart.


I try to do whatever I can,

But she wants to live sans me,

I may consider it destiny,

because both of us can’t see…

Our future anymore together.


Initially it seemed too exciting,

Now our relationship looks devastating,

I wish I had never loved her,

She blamed me continuously for whatever…


When there was no love

Why did we came into a relationship?

I love too deep…

But there is no reciprocity from her!


I wish there was a time machine

I could have stitched all my heart’s veins,

Had they not jumped too high…

I shouldn’t have welcomed her to my life!

© Atish Home Chowdhury

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