Alumil India is Expanding Across South, West & North Markets

Alumil India is Expanding Across South, West & North Markets

Mumbai, Feb 16: Alumil India, the fully-owned Indian subsidiary of Alumil Group – one of the global pioneers in designing and manufacturing of high-quality architectural aluminium systems, has announced its strategic expansion initiatives targeting key regions in Southern, Western and Northern India. As part of this strategy, the company has recently inaugurated a partner showroom in Noida. The company is set to establish stores in Chandigarh and Jaipur in the North, and Coimbatore and Chennai in the South. Further, Alumil India aims to solidify its presence in Nagpur, Pune and Surat by March 2024.

Launched in 2015, Alumil India has successfully completed over 50 projects and is now poised to strengthen its geographical footprint across the country.

“Our journey in India has been marked by significant milestones, and we are excited to embark on the next phase of our growth. With a focus on the potential markets in the South, West and North, we are committed to delivering innovative aluminium solutions tailored to the unique needs of each region. The global aluminium door and window market alone, with a projected size of USD 60.1 Billion in 2023 and a CAGR of 5.2 per cent from 2023 to 2033, underscores the immense potential in the aluminium solutions sector. Asia-Pacific, spearheaded by India contributes approximately 35 per cent of the market share, and is the fastest-growing market for aluminium products solutions,” says Mr Theodoros Axouristos, Managing Director, Alumil India.

Alumil India’s renowned projects include the 101 Worli Residences and 25 South in Mumbai, Panchshil Tower in Pune, Neptune Aspire in Vadodara, W Resort in Goa, GVK Sky City and Fortuen One in Hyderabad, Gopalan Lakefront in Bangalore, Azure The Oceanic in Chennai, Cresent Bay, Emerald Isle among others. As urbanization and infrastructure development continue, the demand for energy-efficient doors and windows is on the rise. Aluminium, with its customizable thermal properties, plays a pivotal role in achieving energy-efficient building designs.

“Our expansion into the South, West and North regions aligns with the thriving construction industry and the growing demand for high-quality aluminium doors and windows. We are well-positioned to cater to the evolving needs of these markets and contribute to the modern architectural trends that favour energy efficiency, soundproofing and aesthetically pleasing designs,” adds Mr Axouristos.

Alumil presents an extensive product portfolio, encompassing a diverse range of window and door systems, curtain wall and facade systems, atrium and conservatory systems, as well as polycarbonate sheets and tailored fenestration solutions. Among some of the prestigious international projects, Alumil has developed the outstanding aluminium windows of Google Inc., for its new offices in New York, along with many more major world-class projects across the globe, including the extraordinary curved Vancouver House in Canada.

“The residential sector, encompassing a larger market size, remains a primary focus for us. The sheer number of individual homes and the propensity for homeowners to undertake renovations and upgrades contribute to the sustained demand for new doors and windows. Alumil India remains dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions, contributing to the growth of the construction industry and meeting the evolving demands of the Indian market,” concludes Mr Axouristos.

For over 35 years, Alumil Group has been a global pioneer in designing tailored solutions and state-of-the-art aluminium products to meet diverse market needs. Established in 1988, Alumil’s headquarters is located in Greece. The company operates on an international scale with 32 subsidiaries, 12 factories spanning Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Egypt. It also maintains privately owned Sales & Distribution stores in over 14 countries.

With operations in 60+ countries across all continents, collaboration with 10,000 partners and engineering teams in Greece, U.S.A., Romania, Serbia, Dubai and India, Alumil continues to lead with innovative aluminium solutions, meeting the evolving demands of a global market. In line with its global presence, Alumil has been involved in iconic projects worldwide, such as Vancouver House in Canada, 60 Water Street in the USA, and the FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel and Resort in Dubai, as well as contributing to the Google office in New York. The company embraces the principles of the circular economy, emphasizing a commitment to ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’.

With its launch in India in 2015, Alumil India has made a significant impact with notable projects, including 25 South and Crescent Bay in Mumbai, W Resort in Goa and GVK Sky City in Hyderabad. The company is committed to delivering top-quality aluminium solutions, covering everything from windows and doors to entrance doors, facades, partitions and outdoor solutions like curtain walls, frames, pergolas, and fencing systems.

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