Two Minute Recipe: Delicious Apple Dessert (Apple Kheer)

Learn how to make Delicious Apple Kheer here in a few easy steps. You can try making it today at your home. Everyone will love it immensely.

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Apples: 2 big pieces

Sugar: Half a Cup

Milk maids: 200 gram

Green Pistachio: 4-5 crushed Pieces

Raisins: 50 gram

Cashew Nuts: 50 gram

Ghee: 1 tea spoon

Liquid Milk: 1 Kg

Cardamom powder: Half teaspoonful

Saffron : 2 teaspoonful soaked in milk

Glass, Cover, Dessert, Rice Pudding, Pot, White, Tray

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Cooking Procedure:

Peel off the apple cover and grate it.

Now boil milk in a pan with sugar, saffron and elaichi powder and let it condense from 1 kg to 500 gram.

Let it to cool now.

Now Take a different pan and add 1 tablespoon of ghee.

Add the grated apples into it.

When the grated apple gets dry and milkmaid into it.

When the boiled milk gets cool add the grated apples mixed with milkmaid into it.

Now, add cardamom, pistachio and raisins over it.

Also, add elaich powder over it.

Now, add it over gastove for a few minutes

Now, switch of the gas, and sprinkle the crushed pistachio, raisins and cashew over it.

Keep it inside freeze to let it cool down.

Two Minute Recipe: Delicious Apple Dessert (Apple Kheer)
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Delicious Apple Kheer Is Ready !

Once it gets cool, serve it chilled.

Your delicious apple desert is ready.

Garnish it with a few rose petals.

Children love this dessert immensely. Even You can prepare it this Sunday and enjoy with your family.

(By: Snigdha Home Chowdhury)

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