The Wonder Fruit Called Coconut | How Much You Know About It

The Wonder Fruit Called Coconut | How Much You Know About It

As I walk through the rural streets of Tumkur district in Karnataka, the sight of big-big coconut trees captivates my attention. I couldn’t stop appreciating the natural beauty of coconuts and their innate goodness for our health and well-being. 

Coconuts have their origin in the Indian subcontinent. You will find coconuts in abundance almost everywhere in the southern states of India along with parts of Maldives, Lakshadweep, and Sri Lanka. 

Where Is Coconut Found In Abundance?

In India, Karnataka is the highest supplier of coconut in the country with over 30% market share, followed by Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra and others. Coconut cultivation requires plenty of rainfall and coastal sandy soil with a pH scale of 5.2 to 8.0. That’s the reason you’ll rarely see coconuts in non-coastal states. 

You’d be surprised to know that South Indian cuisine is incomplete without adding coconut grates. In some recipes, coconut water is also used.  

People also love coconut for its life-saving benefits. It is also called Kalpavriksha for its life-enriching benefits and everyday use. 

Life Saving Benefits of Coconut

If you are feeling weak, just gobble down a portion of coconut flesh and instantly recharge yourself. It is a rich source of instant energy without letting you gain weight. The fruit is full of HDL cholesterol, which is good for our cardiac health. It also controls diabetes and blood pressure. And one more reason to include coconut in your every diet is its anti-cancer properties. You can certainly curtail the risk of cancer in your family by including coconut in your everyday diet. 

Coconut is a rich source of vitamins, copper, potassium, and sodium. With regular consumption of coconuts, you can improve your haemoglobin and bone health, too. 

Coconut: The Wonder Fruit

Besides its health benefits, coconut continues to be India’s most auspicious fruit for all celebratory occasions. Every time there’s an inauguration or puja, the same is marked with the breaking of a coconut. Through coconut breaking ritual, it is believed that gods shower their blessings on us. This fruit is also shrifala for its overwhelming use in religious festivals. 

Coconut is a wonder tree. Every part of the tree has been used by humans for various purposes. Coconut coir is used in parts of Latin America to make an anti-inflammatory tea. Also, coconut frawns are used in the manufacturing of baskets and hand-crafted items for interior décor.  

Wrapping Up

Did you know even coconut shells are not wasted after use? The shells can be used as charcoal or fuel. Another interesting fact about a coconut tree is its production capacity. A coconut tree can produce around 30 to 50 coconuts per year.

Thus, next time you see someone calling a coconut useless, let them know the benefits of coconut and demonstrate why it’s truly a kalpavriksha from all angles.  

Now, I can’t stop myself from eating this fresh coconut flesh until we meet next time.

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